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Mia-Platform named as 2021 Cool Vendor for Software Engineering Technologies by Gartner

Gartner, ‘Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies’, Anne Thomas, Massimo Pezzini, Raj Bala, Mark O’Neill, May 03, 2021.

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Cover the full lifecycle of your cloud-native applications

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Built-in CI/CD

Forget about setup complexity! Your preferred CI/CD practices are already implemented: automate processes and speed up software development.


Simple Microservices Development and Orchestration

Accelerate application development with a rich catalogue of ready-to-use microservices, specifically developed for your needs. Manage your services with built-in orchestrators.


Clear API management

Gain total control over your APIs, from design and security to versioning and retirement. Simplify the opening of new partnerships using an API portal.


Seamless Developer Experience

Reduce complexity with a centralized Internal Developer Portal and easily manage the entire lifecycle of your applications on Kubernetes.


Compatible with all K8s providers

Choose from the best cloud providers on the market: EKS, GKE, AKS, Openshift, Oracle Cloud, Kubernetes Fury Distribution, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Multi-git provider

Multi-Git provider

Our approach is strongly Git-centric so you can always have full ownership of all the code you develop with Mia‑Platform: choose your preferred repository to store your files.

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Mia-Platform v11 is Generally Available

We asked 4 different IT professionals about Digital Platforms.

Everyone is talking about Digital Platforms, Platform Engineering, Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) and Developer Experience! We like that this ecosystem is growing and expanding. But how is it experienced?

So, for the launch of Mia-Platform v11, we simply asked.

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