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The platform for the first digital restaurant in Italy

Designing a truly seamless and omnichannel customer experience is a crucial step for a digital restaurant. Only a perfect profiling procedure allows placing the user and its customer experience in the center.

To face this challenge, Foorban selected Mia‑Platform. We built together an advanced platform for the effective management of the whole business and operations cycle in Foorban, from the order to the delivery including warehouse control. In only five months.

Industry: Food

Benefits Generated

Time to Market and Reliability

In only five months Foorban was able to exploit all his potentialities, with an advanced platform that could manage all the services, from logistics to e-commerce.


One unique access point to all business core systems: the platform protects business data controlling the access and preserving users’ privacy, in compliance with the current norms.

Scalability and Flexibility

The system manages with no problems hundreds of requests per hour. Customers profiling and loyalty are brought to optimality through business tools already included in the platform: Analytics, CRM, Wallet, One-Click Payment, Promo Code.

Who is Foorban?

Foorban is the first food delivery that controls the whole process, from production to delivery: it prepares high‑quality dishes, it stores them in specific ape‑car with patented ovens, and it delivers them to the addresses in only 20 minutes.

The Goal

Realize a solid, safe, and scalable platform to support the entire business and operations cycle of the brand.


Analysis and Design

We started with a phase of deep analysis to identify the operational and management needs of three different roles: business, final client and Foorban employees. Then we proceeded with a custom design phase regarding the architecture of the IT system, to create a ready-to-use product that is flexible for future service evolutions.

Development and Support

We realized an advanced and incrementally scalable platform; logistics algorithms for last-mile delivery optimization; one Android app, one iOS app and one website for the final user; finally a web app for the coordination of the fleet and for orders management.

One product owner fully dedicated follows all the project phases; training activities are conducted for the optimal use of the operational tools (es. CMS) and we manage the maintenance and constant evolution of the platform and the connected devices.


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