3 Digital Integration Hub Success Stories

Industry: Insurance


Semplice Helvetia

The new system supporting the Helvetia Contact Center went successfully into production on November the 4th 2019, less than 9 months after the project was launched.

Thanks to event-based architecture and Mia-Platform Fast Data components – implemented and tested in just 6 months – Semplice Helvetia is able to guarantee complete independence of the management systems, avoiding overloads.

At the same time, it manages and exchanges information in real-time and allows the systems to fully operate, keeping the data usable regardless of the availability of the underlying systems.

New My Helvetia for the Home Insurance

New My Helvetia is the solution that guarantees continuous operation of the applications used by Helvetia Assicurazioni agencies, reduces system overload, improves performance, and aims for an optimal user experience. Thanks to the decoupling of systems offered by Mia-Platform Digital Integration Hub, information is retrieved near real-time and systems are able to withstand the workload: more than 500 users at the same time can obtain a response in less than 200 ms.

The Digital Integration Hub has made it possible to speed up regulatory compliance with IVASS Reg-41, a new regulation that requires insurance companies to ensure the continuous availability of certain features for customers. Again through the decoupling mechanism, the dispositive features required by the regulation were created, exposing the APIs for the execution of requests and for their distribution on the company’s systems. The agile architecture has enabled 10 new features to be released over a 12-month period.


The Merger with Chiara Assicurazioni

In the same period, Helvetia Assicurazioni dealt with the acquisition of Chiara Assicurazioni.

The different data belonging to the two companies was merged through the Digital Integration Hub: in less than one month it was possible to map the data of the different Systems of Records and expose it to all the touchpoints.

In addition, thanks to the Digital Integration Hub it was possible to enable Chiara Assicurazioni to access the same dispositive features expected by IVASS Reg-41.

Mia-Platform DIH Insurance

Who is Helvetia Assicurazioni?

Helvetia Assicurazioni has been operating in Italy since 1948 when the Swiss parent company decided to open on the Italian market. It is present on the territory through various distribution channels – agency network, bank branches, and affinity groups – and it offers insurance solutions to meet the different security needs of more than 4 million customers who have now placed their trust in Helvetia Italia.

“Semplice, chiaro, Helvetia”
Helvetia Assicurazioni aims to make the insurance world increasingly accessible and understandable, focusing on new methods, innovation, and a user-centered approach.

The Goals

The goals were transforming and improving development and release processes, achieving rapid systems integration to meet market needs, open new digital channels, and establish business models and commercial partnerships.

Another purpose was offering a simple and responsive omnichannel UX for 4 million customers. In the end, Helvetia Assicurazioni aimed to implement a Digital Integration Hub able to simplify and speed up the release of new insurance products and services.

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