Mia-Platform: the Platform Builder behind taringa! reboot

taringa!, a leading social media in Latin America, has partnered with Mia-Platform to rebuild its platform with a modern and cloud native approach. After almost 20 years of development, the social media platform had manifested critical legacy features that caused the inability to offer a seamless customer experience to the user community and the inflexibility in innovating the product. Thanks to Mia-Platform Suite, the company has been able to significantly accelerate the modernization process, successfully launching the new mobile app with blockchain-powered functionalities in just 6 months.

Industry: Social Media/Blockchain

Key Benefits

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Adoption of Platform Engineering practices with greater cohesion between Dev and Ops teams

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Composable development approach based on the best-in-class cloud native technologies

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Scalable and high-performing solution, facilitating integration with blockchain and web3 features

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Simplified monitoring and observability thanks to ready-to-use logs and alarms dashboards

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Smooth cultural change embracing best practices towards software development

About taringa!

taringa! is a social media platform founded in Argentina in 2004, and widely popular in Latin America. Today its focus is on addressing one of the biggest problems in the creators’ economy: monetization through the platforms where their content is created. The main differentiators from other social media platforms come from the uses of blockchain and decentralized finance attributes to help creators monetize their content.

The Challenges and Goals

In a highly competitive market like social media, the company realized that its technological stack could not meet customers’ evolving expectations. The product was based on a monolithic architecture with great issues in terms of integration and only very few services were based on cloud-native technologies. Moreover, a centralized DevOps team was unable to give adequate support to development teams in terms of software quality and productivity.
To tackle these challenges, the IT department realized that it had to move from a siloed team organization to having more integration among development and operations teams. This transition would have become easier by adopting cloud native best practices that would have allowed the company to secure a strong acceleration for the modernization of the social core features and subsequent evolutions.

Adoption Journey

taringa! followed an incremental path towards its legacy modernization strategy:


The Solution

taringa! embraced a transformation path with a brand-new architecture to enforce technical excellence and best practices while achieving scalability with platform engineering. Mia-Platform proved to be one of the few solutions in the market to manage both runtime and infrastructure, with a unique view on the whole software life cycle.

From the runtime point of view, the company relied on Mia-Platform Console to build its own Internal Developer Platform. This served as a unique entry point for all the DevOps activities, marking a significant improvement in the developer experience of the IT factory. The subsequent establishment of a dedicated platform team played a crucial role in promoting self-service development practices among the software engineering team. Developers could now rely on Mia-Platform Marketplace as a software catalog to adopt best practices in cloud native developments and enhance reusability and scalability. Among the ready-to-use applications available in Mia-Platform Marketplace, taringa! strongly relied on Mia-Platform Back Office as a flexible tool for non-technical personnel to configure and manage key web elements and contents of the platform.

On the other hand, at the infrastructural level, Mia-Platform Console served as the tool to manage and govern the entire underlying infrastructure in a flexible and scalable way avoiding considerable lock-in with a specific cloud vendor offering.

Key Numbers


Monthly active users growth


Creators / MAUs Ratio


Pieces of content published in 4 months


Services in Production


Daily API requests

<6 months

To modernize core features and release in production the first mobile app version

“Mia-Platform is not just a ‘what you see is what you get solution’, but it also allows you to manage and govern all your IT infrastructure in a flexible and scalable way”.

Johan Duque, CTO at taringa!

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