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Mia-Platform v11:
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Improved Governance

Essential tools to get everything under control

A showcase where you can manage all of your Providers.

In Mia-Platform Console, from the Platform Overview, you can add, manage and monitor all Git, CI/CD, and Secret Manager providers.

Let’s make the machines talk. M2M authentication.

Streamline your CI/CD workflow by automatically performing actions assigned to a specific Service Account.

Design Overview: query of all configurations from a single point.

View project configurations in an aggregated way. Identify critical problems and act promptly. Create your own filtered view to get everything under control.

Resources Mgmt

Unleash the power of Webhooks

Create additional resources or set up other tools while creating Package Business Capabilities (PBCs). Mia-Platform Console allows you to call configurable webhooks for project and service creation.

-> Add tools to log and monitor your stack or DBs;
-> Manage all webhooks directly from Mia-Platform Console;
-> Easily abstract highly dependent actions from Kubernetes;
-> Directly integrate new technologies and share them with all of your PBCs.

Self-serve Developers

Avoid Friction. Enjoy the Experience.

Two clicks and it’s done.
New, faster cluster connection experience.

Vendors and runtime services supported by Mia-Platform Console can now be linked and listed through a simple interface.

Avoid drowning in chaos: Enhanced Runtime Area.

We have enriched the Runtime Area, improving overall governance and monitoring your resources.
In this area you can get these insights:
-> Pods;
-> Deployments;
-> Service;
-> CronJob;
-> Job;
-> Namespace.

From Idea to Production with GitHub Actions.

In addition to GitLab Runner and Jenkins, now Mia-Platform Console supports GitHub Actions, the world-class CI/CD for delivering better and top-notch software.

Github action

Features Preview: keep up with innovation.

In Mia-Platform Console, you can enable and try some new features in the preview.

Full User Management:
The easy way to engineer teams to join your platform.

Give your users a truly frictionless experience by easily managing them and allowing developers to self-register with your platforms.

Full User Management

Boost your Data with Mia-Platform Fast Data

Connect and manage Data, without hours of coding.

Mia-Platform Fast Data now has a visual No Code editor to visualize, edit, manage and delete ER Schemas.

Don’t hold back your data.
Use Mia-Platform Fast Data Connectors.

Salesforce Connector


Salesforce Streaming API Connector

This application allows you to quickly set up a connector between Salesforce and Mia-Platform Fast Data, including error handling and monitoring.

Supported by

CSV connector


CSV Connector

This application uses the CSV connector to retrieve data from CSV files and deliver them with validation to Mia-Platform Fast Data.

Supported by

Debezium Server for MySQL


Debezium Server for MySQL

A data connector designed to link data from MySQL with the task of transmitting changes from your systems to the event streaming platform.

Supported by

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Debezium PostGre


Debezium Server for PostgreSQL

A data connector designed to link data from PostgreSQL with the task of transmitting changes from your systems to the event streaming platform.

Supported by

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DebeziumOracle Template


Debezium Server for Oracle

A data connector designed to link Oracle with the task of transmitting changes from your systems to the event streaming platform.

Supported by

Relieve your DB Admins with Mia‑Platform Fast Data Bucket Storage

Bucket Storage is what your Data needs:
-> A backup of raw data, ready to be re-ingested;
-> A decoupled layer for the DB administrator;
-> A storage of historical data that can be exposed to BI.

Back Office. Road to No Code.

Create your own Back Office from built-in templates and embrace the beauty of standardization, without losing the power of flexibility.

-> Avoid hours of coding, and deliver a fully functional Back Office with ready-to-use components in no time;
-> Quickly edit and deploy web components and enrich them with available data;
-> Get started with No Code functionality and built-in templates;
-> Customize the layouts by directly writing JSON code;
-> Abstract the complexity of configuration and focus on what you really need.

Development made easy.

Simplify Complexity. Try Mia-Platform v11