4Gifters chooses Mia-Platform to modernize its digital platform  


February 2nd, 2022 – 4Gifters, the eCommerce tech company that is revolutionizing the customer experience of online retailers’ customers thanks to its innovative e-gifting service, chooses Mia-Platform to modernize its digital platform, in order to increase the conversion rate and to reduce the time to integrate new business partners. 

Who is 4Gifters, the eCommerce tech company revolutionizing the world of digital gifting in the fashion & luxury industry

4Gifters is the Italian eCommerce tech company, founded in 2015 and participated since 2016 from eBay inc., that enables online fashion & luxury retailers to improve the customer experience on their online stores, and to increase their revenues thanks to 4Gift®, an easy-to-use, customized and emotional digital gifting service.

Thanks to 4Gift® service, brands can add to their e-shop a digital gifting option, that allows customers to buy a gift on the online store, and send it directly to the receiver in a digital format and with a personalized video.

When receiving the gift, the receiver can choose the preferred size, colour or model, or change the gift with any other item offered by the brand on the e-shop.

After choosing the perfect git, the receiver can select the most suitable mode of delivery, opting for the delivery to a specific address or the in-store pickup.

How Mia-Platform supports 4Gifters to achieve its business goals

4Gifters chose Mia-Platform as technology vendor to modernize its monolithic digital platform and maximise profits by: 

  1. Reducing the time for the integration of new business partners;
  2. Increasing the conversion rate on its retail customers’ online shops.

To achieve these business goals, Mia-Platform will support 4Gifters to:

  1. gradually migrate its monolithic digital platform towards a modular, flexible and scalable architecture based on a microservices approach. This modern architecture enables 4Gifters to manager all data and core business functionalities (product catalog, users, orders, customer configuration) from the same digital platform;
  2. analyze the customer journey during dedicated workshops, and identify new functionalities that can simplify the user experience and, therefore, increase the conversion rate.

What are the key benefits for 4Gifters

4Gifters operates in the very dynamic fashion & luxury market. Therefore, it has to fulfill high expectations in terms of speed, quality and personalization of services dedicated to the final customers. The key benefits of the cooperation with Mia-Platform for 4Gifters are:

  • Reduced time and costs for the setup and onboarding of a new brand implementing 4Gifters’ digital gifting service on its e-shop;
  • Reduced time-to-market in the creation of new functionalities to fully meet the needs of the final customers;
  • Flexibility to adapt the roadmap based on the market context, prioritizing the release of new features or adding new functionalities to the development pipeline;
  • Resource optimization throug the adoption of a single multitenat platform to manage the cooperation with all the brands;
  • Unified management of the business thanks to Mia-Platform Backoffice;
  • Robustness and scalability of 4Gifters’ IT systems.

“Online gifts are a more requested feature, especially in the Fashion & Luxury industry. 4Gift® can answer to this need with a simpler, customized and emotional experience. We selected Mia-Platform for its competence and technological excellence to support us in the evolution of our Platform.

Giorgio Finzi, CEO & Founder 4Gifters

About 4Gift

4Gift® is the first social e-gifting experience platform that e-tailers to extend their offert in a personalized and emotional way thanks to the “send with 4Gift” option. 4Gift is the evolution of the 4Gifters platform, the first startup focused on e-gifting luxury-lifestyle. 4Gift is the first e-gifting service that transforms the online purchase into the perfect gift.

Founded by the Italian businessman Giorgio Finzi, 4Gifters is participated by eBay inc., Synergo Venture Fund e Invictus Capital.

To know more, visit the website: www.4gift.com