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Genio Diligence joins Mia-Platform Partner Network

13 November 2023Genio Diligence, trusted technical provider that offers comprehensive support to credit institutions and credit brokers, has officially joined Mia-Platform Partner Program. The company’s core mission is to assist credit institutions in two key areas: preventing credit-related risks and automating the onboarding process.

Readoc, the AI solution developed internally by Genio Diligence with the aim of automating all document processing for lending applications, including mortgages and loans, has been integrated within Mia-Platform Marketplace. Readoc is deployed through an API, making the integration into the processes of third parties easy.

The partnership with Mia-Platform strengthens Genio Diligence’s position as a technological provider in the credit industry, offering modular solutions and enabling new use cases. We are very pleased with this collaboration, which aligns perfectly with Genio’s commitment to creating partnerships that drive the development of highly innovative new services.
Daniele Giuliani, CEO at Genio Diligence

Genio Diligence serves four business areas:

  1. Document Fraud Prevention and Credit Risk Mitigation: specific solutions for risk assessment and management during the provision of financial services such as mortgages and loans.
  2. Regulatory Compliance Support: tailored solutions to credit intermediaries to ensure full compliance with Legislative Decree No. 141. This regulation mandates that Credit Intermediaries and Agents in Financial Activities establish stringent controls and monitoring of their collaborators.
  3. Intelligent document processing: cutting-edge solution for document management thanks to powerful AI technologies, to recognize a wide range of documents, regardless of their format, accurately extract data from documents, and automatically populate predefined forms.
  4. Digital Signature and Authentication Services: advanced solutions in the realm of Digital Signature and authentication services, ensuring our clients secure and compliant methods for remote contract signing.

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Genio Diligence, a pioneering IT provider transforming credit and risk assessment in the financial services sector. At Mia-FinTech, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, and this collaboration marks a significant leap forward in our capabilities. By leveraging Genio Diligence’s cutting-edge technology, we aim to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our credit and risk assessment processes, ultimately providing our clients with even greater insights and value. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on our clients and the industry as a whole.
Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech

About Genio Diligence

Genio Diligence was founded in 2009 with the goal of certifying data and removing credit risk arising from fraudulent activities. Leveraging two decades of expertise in Business Intelligence and an extensive network of internal and external databases,we established Genio Due Diligence. The interest of intermediaries and financial institutions in Genio was so significant that within a few years, we became leaders in the brokerage mortgage market.

Since 2018, our journey of growth has continued, with investments in research and innovation aimed at differentiating our services and launching new solutions dedicated to the digitalization of document processes, qualified digital signature services, and offerings related to Smart Authentication.

Our purpose is to revolutionize the way credit is done, where verified data and technology empower users to access new methods while guiding banks to be innovative leaders in the transformation. Our services are addressed to banks, financial institutions, and credit intermediaries by providing solutions and services that directly impact the end user’s experience in the credit application process.

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About Mia-FinTech

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