The automation of the rating process by modefinance enters Mia-Platform Marketplace 

May 30th 2022 -modefinance – the Fintech company specialized in creditworthiness assessments, registered as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA and ECAI),  which is a subsidiary of the TeamSystem group officially joins Mia-Platform Partner Program. Its innovative services are empowered by Artificial Intelligence, and are now available for all Mia-Platform’s customers within Mia-Platform Marketplace

modefinance aims at bringing advanced and easy to integrate technologies to the financial world, involving both banks and companies in a highly innovative process. Thanks to the technological partnership with Mia-Platform, we accelerate the distribution of this innovation in Italy and in the world.

Mattia Ciprian, CEO and co-Founder at modefinance

Who is modefinance?

modefinance is a Fintech native company of the TeamSystem group, specialized in the assessment of companies’ and banks’ creditworthiness, and in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions for the analysis and management of credit risk.

Based on these methodologies, modefinance is able to assess the insolvency risk of any company or credit institution, without geographical, sector and size limits.

Its innovative services for digital and automatized MCC rating assessment are now available for Mia-Platform’s customers within its Marketplace.

What is Mia-Platform Marketplace?

Mia-Platform Marketplace is a rich catalog of software components that speeds up application development thanks to a ready-to-use set of microservices, docker images, and templates. This service catalog is composed of:

  • Templates: ready-to-use microservices to code in any language
  • Examples: best practices for microservices development
  • Plugins: existing Docker images to enrich your project with specific functionalities
  • Applications: bundles of resources to create applications in a few clicks

Mia-Platform Marketplace acts as an aggregator of 3rd parties applications and Native components. It can answer specific-industry needs, favoring the compliance and the quality of code thanks to its templates and examples.

We are happy to enrich Mia-Platform Marketplace with the innovative creditworthiness assessments services by modefinance. In Mia-FinTech we choose only technological partners that share our attention to qualità and excellence, to provide to our financial services customers the best tools to embrace the evolution towards Open Finance

Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech


modefinance, Fintech company founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the University of Trieste, and incubated in the AREA Science Park, develops proprietary innovative solutions for credit risk assessment and management, which are based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Since 2015, the company has been registered as a Credit Rating Agency by ESMA (European Securities and Market Authority), and is authorized to issue credit ratings in accordance with N.1060/2009 Regulation of the European Parliament. The company is the first Fintech Rating Agency in Europe.

In 2021, to further increase the scope and expand the offer to foreign and non-European markets, TeamSystem entered the capital of modefinance, acquiring a majority stake. During the last quarter of the same year, with the ultimate aim of speeding up the innovative drive towards internationalization, modefinance has launched its international branch, with a specific technological focus on bringing its know-how in the whole world, with a primary focus on the MENA (Middle-East, North Africa) area.

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Mia-FinTech is the fintech startup based on the experience acquired by Mia-Platform, the leading Italian tech company that has revolutionized the end-to-end creation of digital platforms, in the banking and financial industries.

Its cloud native platform enables financial institutions to develop and create new digital services in a fast and scalable way, and to evolve towards Open Finance thanks to APImicroservices and Fast Data, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

With the claim “Evolve your Bank in a modern FinTech company”, Mia-FinTech fills the gap between traditional banks and modern omnichannel digital banks.

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