Platform Engineering: 
Scale Cloud-Native Development

Why Platform Engineering?

Platform engineering emerged to solve the increasing complexity of modern software architectures. With it, IT teams can reduce friction in their daily work, that's why companies have begun to build operating platforms that sit between the end user and the backing services on which they rely.

Communities talking about Platform Engineering:

A large and evolving ecosystem for platform engineering



The Digital Platform Builder for a Better Development.



A Software Catalog and Developer Platform provided by Spotify Developers.



The Platform Orchestrator to enable developer self-service.

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Secure Kubernetes workflow to code faster.



Container Manager for Platform Teams.



Software Delivery Platform to simplify your DevOps processes.



Internal Developer Portal with context-rich software catalog.



IDP to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service.

Mia-Platform mentioned in 2022 Gartner® “Adopt Platform Engineering to Improve the Developer Experience” Report

By Gary Olliffe. 18 November 2022.

What are the Drivers & Obstacles for companies?


  • Emerging platform construction tools: Many organizations have built their own IDPs, but to date these platforms have been homegrown, individual efforts tailored to the unique circumstances of the organizations that build them.  New generation of platform-building tools is intended to change that.
  • Complexity: Adoption of modern, distributed architectural patterns and software delivery practices means that the process of getting software into production involves more tools, subsystems and moving parts than ever before.
  • Need for increased speed and agility: The speed and agility of software delivery is a critical metric that CIOs care about. Platform Engineering enables organizations to respond immediately to market changes, handle workload failures better, and tap into new market opportunities.
  • Scale: As more teams embrace modern software development practices and patterns, economies of scale are created whereby there is enough value to justify creating a platform capability shared by multiple teams.
  • Infrastructure modernization: Platform Engineering could be a way to deliver more business value to older infrastructures.


  • Lack of skills: Platform engineering requires solid skills in software engineering, product management and modern infrastructure.
  • Outdated governance models: Many organizations have to give way to a self-service, declarative model that depends on integration and automation, with the primary focus being the effectiveness of the end-users developing and operating solutions using the platform.
  • Cultural approach: Platform Engineering is first and foremost a cultural approach. Many organizational fights could derail a platform engineering initiative.

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Platform Engineering Successful Stories

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Cattolica Assicurazioni: The digital Platform that insures your future

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NeN: going digital to simplify the customer experience in the energy industry

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Trenord: The digital platform for mobility in Lombardia

Trenord: The digital platform for mobility in Lombardia

Trenord chose Mia‑Platform to organize, centralize and exhibit all those data towards users thanks to the app for mobility in Lombardia.

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