Give your data a boost with Mia‑Platform Fast Data

Decouple your data to get 24/7 availability and get extreme performance

Legacy System Offloading

Legacy systems offloading

Decouple your Systems of Record to reduce queries and requests for access to your DBs .

7 Real-time Data

24/7 real-time data

Enjoy real-time data available 24/7, even when systems are offline for maintenance or downtime.

Business single view

Business Single Views

Organize data in Single Views according to your business needs and share them with channels and applications.

Performance & Scalability

Performance and scalability

Scale your microservices effectively when necessary and boost performance.

Mia-Platform Fast Data is a set of ready-to-use microservices to build out-of-the-box your Digital Integration Hub.

Govern it all directly from Mia-Platform Console.

Offload your legacy systems and free the value of information

Extend the operational life of legacy systems and prevent critical issues.

Collect data coming from different sources, save them on a high-performing datastore and expose aggregated information to all channels.

Build Single Views according to your business needs

Clean raw data and aggregate them in JSON Single Views modeled on the customer profile, product information or any other business need.

Serve your channels and applications in milliseconds.

Keep data updated across systems

Keep data consistent on any system or application with specific microservices.

Channels receive notification of data changes via push messages; SORs are updated with the CQRS pattern.

Build your Digital Integration Hub

Extend Mia-Platform Console with Mia-Platform Fast Data to create your Digital Integration Hub.

Embrace the omnichannel revolution and serve your channels with real-time information.

Empower your Digital Integration Hub with Mia‑Platform Fast Data Low Code

We drastically reduced the time and the effort required for the configuration of Mia-Platform Fast Data introducing Low Code components and empowering Developer Experience.

It will no longer be necessary to manually write the code to search for the Single View that needs to be updated and to define how the data should be aggregated. It will only be required to write JSON configurations that specify in a declarative way how you want to implement Fast Data.

Fast Data Low Code

Get a closer look at Mia-Platform Fast Data components



Single View Creator

This is the best plugin to use for creating a Single View Creator for your Fast Data

Supported by



Single View Creator - Low Code

Create your Single Views leveraging the power of configuration files instead of writing all the code on your own!

Supported by



Single View Creator Template

This is the best template to start creating a Single View Creator for your Fast Data

Supported by



Fast Data Monitoring

This is the application that sets up the monitoring resources and configures them to monitor Fast Data operations

Supported by

Mia-Platform Fast Data architecture and CQRS pattern

The ready-to-use and tested solution that allows you to securely manage your data: ensure data consistency and correctness across all channels with the Command and Query Responsibility Segregation pattern.

fast data

How can you get it?


Fully-managed distribution: you have nothing to worry about.

Bring Your Own

We manage the tools, you manage the operations.

Give your data a boost
with Mia-Platform Fast Data

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