Turn your Company into a Digital Platform

Building, deploying, and managing modern cloud-native applications can be hard. APIs, microservices, and real-time data help companies to industrialize and simplify software lifecycle, by building event-driven architectures and carrying out DevOps operations.

Mia-Platform is an independent software vendor, providing a software suite to accelerate the development of cloud-native digital platforms, leveraging these technologies over Kubernetes.


Managed Microservices


APIs requests per month


real-time events per day


daily active developers

Gain benefits and generate values for your clients

Time to market & Cost Saving

Time to Market Reduction

Reduce over 47% of Time to Market of any IT development project.

Cost Reduction

Cost Saving

Save over 37% of the development cost of each project.

IT system offloading

IT System Offloading

Offload legacy systems from massive workloads and generate savings in infrastructure and license costs.

Data-driven company

Data-driven Company

Aggregate data according to your business needs and make them available in real time, 24/7.


Security by Design

Trust a secure platform and processes.


Full Governance

Manage the full software life cycle from a single platform.


Scalability & Flexibility

Gain agility and flexibility, and get ready to scale your services with the business.

Zero Lock-in

0 lock-in

Your code is your code and will never be locked-in.

Mia-Platform Suite

Leverage APIs, microservices, Fast Data over Kubernetes and build your modern software architecture.


Mia-Platform Console

Unify the developer experience in one hub, building a common platform for the entire IT organization.

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Mia-Platform Fast Data

Build your Digital Integration Hub architecture with a set of ready‑to‑use microservices.

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Mia-Platform Marketplace

Speed up your application development with an ecosystem of ready-to-code templates, examples, plugins, and applications.

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Gartner Cool Vendor 2021 for Software Engineering Technology

We are thrilled to be one of the three solutions worldwide selected by Gartner to emerge as Software Engineering Technology.


An Alliance Network of international partners to support your client’s projects

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