Developer Portal: the tool to accelerate application development

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15 October 2021

The Developer Portal is an important ally for the transformation of monolithic business applications towards more flexible and agile sets of interconnected microservices via APIs (Application Programming Interface). We are talking about the value that comes from the ability for a company to present its digital products and services to customers, suppliers and partners to facilitate the connection among systems and the development of new production synergies.

With the support of a Developer Portal, not only the modernization of business applications would become easier, but it would become possible to transform commercially relevant software developments into autonomous products that would be offered on the market as API as Product, thus making them a collateral or potentially primary source of the business.

The Developer Portal becomes an important tool for governance, and a means to become protagonist of the API economy with the development of new digital products and services. This is an interesting perspective for companies that have invested in digital transformation and software development, and which, through APIs, have the opportunity to enhance the technologies and skills they have at home, offering them to customers and partners.

Google, in the “State of API Economy 2021” report, states that the development of APIs is a trend destined to revolutionize mature business sectors through the creation of collaborations and synergies among suppliers of different products and services. According to the report, 56% of IT decision makers today see the development of APIs as an asset that can help the company improve the user experience. The 52% think that the Developer Portal can accelerate innovation through collaborations with partners.


What is a Developer Portal?

The Developer Portal is the key to effectively manage APIs in all contexts where interfaces and modern cloud-native microservices applications are developed. The Developer Portal is designed to be used by developers in their work, because it brings together what internals, teams working with partners and third parties may need to develop software that leverages APIs, to connect with different services or to expose those APIs.

For developers, the Developer Portal offers the tools to research and analyze the functions that are already available as APIs, test their operation, study the documentation, and then purchase them. In summary, the Developer Portal acts as a reference portal for finding all the information necessary for the integration among systems and for the development of new business.


The functionalities of a Developer Portal useful for business

The Developer Portal allows you to manage your own catalog of private and public APIs, controlling their life cycle in a simple and centralized way.
The APIs are managed like a real product, with information on their use, always updated and organized in the most useful way for the different development teams.

The Developer Portal supports the essential security functions, facilitating the management of the permissions needed to allow both the display of information and the actual use of services via APIs.
Not a secondary aspect, the Developer Portal is a showcase on the world of development: it helps to attract and retain talents.

With Mia-Platform, companies and developers find together the functions and tools they need to build a customized Developer Portal capable of enhancing development skills and growing new business.

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What is a Developer Portal?
The functionalities of a Developer Portal useful for business