Mia-Platform Open Source Projects

Openness is at the core of our philosophy. It’s not just about publishing stuff, it’s about giving back to the community what we love most: creating quality code.

As part of CNCF, we firmly believe that open source is crucial for building beautiful new ideas, fostering new perspectives and creating solidarity.

Our Open Source Culture

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Our Open Projects

We like to contribute with fresh ideas to solve the same problems we address every day. We know that together we are stronger and that leveraging a rich ecosystem of OSS can improve the way we design software. That's why we want to dive into this sea of change with sustainable projects, increasing the value of the way software is created with the developer community.

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We are Open so(u)rcerer

Actually, it is not magic. Tools can always be improved. We know this and that is why our commitment is to improve the quality of the software by suggesting, reporting, forking and contributing to all the OSS we use on a daily basis. We are an active part of this ecosystem, both as a company and as developers, with the goal of continuously improving the technology.

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The “Secret Sauce”

Not everything can be open source. We consider everything we do to become open-source software. We keep our “Secret Sauce” secret, but we provide all the “ingredients” in an open source way to foster innovation. We first taste it in “tested” recipes and, when we found the perfect balance, we serve it to the foodies... ehm... developers.

Discover our Open Source Projects


Rönd: the lightweight container that distributes security policy enforcement throughout your application.

Rönd is based on Open Policy Agent and allows you to define security policies to be executed during API invocations. Rönd runs in your Kubernetes cluster as a sidecar container of your Pods. With Rönd you have the power of centralized policies on a distributed execution. It intercepts the API traffic, applies your policies and forwards the request to your application service.

kube-green: the operator to reduce the CO2 footprint of your clusters.

How many of your development/pre-production pods are active on weekends or at night? It’s a waste of resources and money!
kube-green is a simple add-on to Kubernetes that automatically turns off (some) of your resources when you don’t need them, saving you money and the environment at the same time!


micro-lc: the solution for building flexible, multi-tenant frontend applications.

micro-lc makes micro-frontend architectures a reality. It consists of a core interface that loads, embeds and orchestrates plugins (individual frontend applications) at runtime while providing configuration options and out-of-the-box features.

MongoDB CRUD Service: leverage MongoDB capabilities in an open‑source way

Modern cloud applications need a high-performance database to manage huge amounts of data. Mia-Platform always relied on MongoDB to enable users to quickly build modern cloud-native applications while ensuring the best possible experience.
MongoDB CRUD Service’s purpose is to abstract MongoDB collections (i.e. a set of documents) and to expose them via RestFUL APIs in an easy, scalable, and secure way. Given its high flexibility, the CRUD Service can be implemented in every kind of product and now is open to the devs community.

MongoDB CRUD Service

Mia-Platform Marketplace: reusable and ready-to-use components for every development.

Mia-Platform Marketplace is the central registry where we publish all of our ready-to-use components. Why start from scratch when you can leverage on examples and templates and build high-quality software in no time? Find what you need for in your preferred language, focus only on the business logic and start from a solid and tested base of work designed to improve the developer experience.

Build software with a thousand hands

There is no
“It’s mine”

Open Source Software are meant for everyone. Feel free to fork our projects, add new ideas, open issues, give us suggestions or simply leave a star. Free the power of coding and build great software for all humankind.

A playground for all users

From Hackathons to Meetups, from call for papers to code challenges, from Katas to Socials. Join our community and find people who love coding just like you, grow personally and foster openness.

Become a Contributor

We’re always looking for creative people who transform ideas in reality. Help us to expand the knowledge and the OSS culture. We love all sort of content and all the contributions you can give.

Tell us your projects, give feedback or join us with your ideas.