Mia-Platform is the innovative tech company that brought to the market the first solution in the world for the end-to-end creation of cloud-native digital platforms.

We are a young, talented and internationally recognized company with a vocation for technology.

Mia-Platform, thanks to the technological excellence of its software suite, allows companies to holistically face their digital transformation journey and become Platform Companies.

Mia-Platform’s talents write excellent software, paying attention to the positive impact of their work.

A story started with a single line of code



Mia-Platform is named a Cool Vendor in the Gartner 2021 report “Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies”.
Mia-Platform opens the first two verticals in the Healthcare and Fintech sectors.

The goal is to reach 130 people with an ambitious recruitment plan.



Gartner recognizes Mia-Platform as one of the solutions for creating the emerging paradigm known as the Digital Integration Hub.

The product evolution never stops: Mia-Platform begins to focus on the topics of IT governance and enterprise digital transformation.



The team continues to grow. Mia-Platform focuses on the API and microservices development, with a new offering: a Console for the full lifecycle API management.

Mia-Platform joins the CNCF – Cloud Native Computing Foundation.



In 2016 MakeItApp pivots into Mia-Platform.

Mia-Platform provides:

  • a Backend as a Service with a backoffice for centralized administration of web content;
  • user registration, login and management;
  • news and push notification services.

Mia-Platform is a solid, secure and scalable platform.



MakeItApp is founded to support the fast-growing market of mobile app development. It’s the first mobile platform where developers, graphic designers and content experts meet, team up and start developing their ideas.

Corporate Awards & Certifications

A human friendly company!

We believe that each one’s talent is the best resource for the team. We grow and improve through continuous discussion and training. We are concrete and ambitious. We care about your self-realization.

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