Composable Enterprise

Adapt to the pace of business change by assembling and combining packaged business capabilities (PBCs) and an Internal Developer Portal.

Platform companies and composable businesses are disrupting software and organizational traditional models.


of mainstream companies will consider Composable Enterprise as a strategic objective by 2023.


SaaS functionalities offered as self-contained packaged business capabilities (PBC) by 2023.


of new SaaS will incorporate independently PBCs available as API-centric services by 2023.

Composability-as-a-Dream: embrace adaptability and resilience

Composable Enterprise is not just tools. It empowers your business, fostering innovation, democratizing development, improving governance and delivering continuous value in an ever-changing market.

Feature Teams and resuable components

Feature teams and reusable components

In a Composable Enterprise, teams work in smaller autonomous groups, creating and delivering value independently but interconnected as small reusable microservices. In fact, the structure of the organization reflects its software and vice versa.

Integrate the entire orgs

Integrate the entire organization

Composable Enterprises needed a platform to orchestrate the teams’ work, to provide shared components and provide a streamlined and continuous product delivery.

Componenet and API

Components and API at the core of the composability

The Composable Enterprise is modular, by definition. This allows it to extend its microservices ecosystem with third-party solutions, enhancing and customizing the customer experience.

Consistency and governance

Consistency, governance, and standardization of your deliveries

Composable Enterprises must meet security, compliance and quality requirements. To achieve these criteria, standardization of software tools and technologies and implementation of by-design security monitoring must be on the checklist.

Cultural change

The cultural shift to empower the organization

Composable Enterprise transforms the way you run your organization from technology teams to feature teams to be more efficient and deliver products to market faster.

Two forces. One solution.

Enhance discoverability with a Self Service Catalogue.

  • Speed up development through modular and reusable microservices;
  • Centralize providing point
  • Foster standardization and governance of the software delivered;
  • Facilitate sharing through automation logic;
  • Open up to new partnerships and channels.

Mia-Platform Marketplace


Empower consistency, governance and standardization with an Internal Developer Portal.

  • Industrialize software development;
  • Autonomous teams to work autonomously;
  • Develop and orchestrate new services;
  • Manage and monitor runtime environments on Kubernetes.

Mia-Platform Console

Bringing composability to organizations:

Deliver business agility through a Composable Enterprise

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