Sustainability at Mia‑Platform

Our vision and our commitment to a sustainable development

The technology we write today can impact future generations.
As well as all the decisions we make as individuals and as a company.

Our growth is based on the concept of sustainable development: the continuous search for a balance among the economic, environmental, and social pillars.

The 2030 Agenda, which the members of the United Nations have adopted to achieve 17 sustainability goals, is our first point of reference.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the ecosystem we are part of, towards the local area and our stakeholders

Office, events, and gadgets

(SDG 12.5; 11.6)

At the office, we adopt a plastic-free approach: we have reusable or biodegradable tableware, a coffee machine that grinds the beans to avoid capsules, a water dispenser for water bottles, and separate waste collection.

When producing gadgets, we always try to choose items that can be useful and long-lasting; in addition, we select suppliers that respect sustainability criteria.

Since the number of our employees has been grown very quickly, we needed to find new office spaces. On these occasions, we have always tried to reuse the old furniture we had and, where this was not possible, we donated it to associations and family homes.



(SDG 10.2)

We collaborate with PlayMore! participating in their sports projects. PlayMore! is an association that deals with integrating people in difficulty through sport. We have supported some of their projects by participating in beach volleyball competitions and in the Milan marathon in mixed teams and relay races together with PlayMore! people.


Plastic Fighters

(SDG 11.6; 12.5; 12.8; 13.3)

Plastic Fighters is a project that aims to promote social cohesion through environmental issues, public space care, and the production by children of objects for public spaces through the recycling of plastic collected from the entire community. The objects are created by processing plastic through advanced technological machinery.

Mia-Platform supports Plastic Fighters by involving all employees and their network in collecting plastic caps to donate to the kids who will use them to create new, useful and durable objects.


Rete Clima

(SDG 13; 15.2)

In 2021 we carried out a reforestation project by symbolically planting a tree for each person of Mia‑Platform. We planted trees in two areas of Milan, during spring and autumn, and we involved all Mia‑Platform people. We understood the value of this project and we organized a happy hour to celebrate the event, respecting the environment.

FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

(SDG 15)
In 2022 and in 2023, we decided to support FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano, the association that takes care of protecting the beauties of our country, giving a membership card to each person of Mia-Platform. In this way, everyone can feel part of this project and is encouraged to discover the territory from a new point of view.


(SDGs 13.3, 15a)

In 2022 and 2023 we adopted a beehive with 3bee, an AgriTech Company that designed health monitoring systems for bees.

We involved Mia-Platform’s employees in the adoption of the beehive and, once selected, we chose the farm that will take care of the beehive monitoring system that helps improve bees’ lives.

Arnia -3bee

Refurbishment and donation of used PCs

(SDG 12.5)

In 2021, we decided to renew PCs that were not enough efficient to build such an innovative product as Mia-Platform.

For this reason, we decided to donate all the old PCs that were not sufficiently performing for the development teams, but were perfectly functional for common use, to the Pelligra company in Milan, which takes care of their regeneration and delivers them to the people who need them, as schools, families, associations.

donation pc 2022-1

A new way of drinking

(SDG 13.2)

In our offices, we decided to offer the possibility of drinking a beer among colleagues at the end of the day. Again, we wanted to make a choice that took into account all possible sustainability aspects. That’s why we chose Calsberg’s DraughtMaster, which drastically reduces the environmental impact of tapping systems. The kegs are made of PET, which allows for a lower environmental impact than glass and steel. In addition, the use of a compression rather than a CO2 system improves product quality.


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