Mia-Platform for Software Engineering Teams

Express your best and create great products, autonomously.

Live your best Developer Experience


Self-serve what you need

Create, run and develop all of your applications, from the setup of environments to deploying services and resources. On your own.

Tech Leader

Use your languages

Don’t start from scratch. Quickly build projects with ready-to-use examples and templates in your favorite languages.

Zero Lock-in

Manage from CLI or UI

Govern your application through a convenient UI interface or via CLI, for the more hardcore developers!


Instant visibility on all projects

Don’t get lost. Track and monitor all the changes between rollback, deploys, changelogs and dashboards.

Deploy. Reuse. Repeat.

Optimize your work with an easy-to-use platform, develop great software with the CNCF technology at your fingertips, and be proud of your deliverable.


Jumpstart your project in zero time.

  • No more jumping across multiple tools;
  • No more worrying about setup;
  • Multi/hybrid-cloud infrastructure complexity solved by uniform view;
  • Everything is deployable from a single location anywhere.

Create microservices at the speed of light!

  • Develop microservices in a click;
  • Self-serve developers with techs they need;
  • Leverage ready-to-use plugins;
  • Accelerate with plug and play Docker images;
  • Everything persisted and versioned on Git.

Focus on parts that matter.

  • Avoid trouble caused by manual input;
  • Manage your code promotion flow;
  • Validations & tests implementation;
  • Increase delivery quality;
  • Shorten development cycles by speeding up iterations.

Explore detailed system behavior.

  • Monitors, metrics and alarms;
  • Explore failure’s cause and consequence;
  • Enhanced visibility, traceability, and auditability;
  • Microservices’ Observability.

A Platform built for Software Engineers


  • Cloud-Native complexities stress;
  • Starting microservices from 0;
  • Reconfiguring new projects from scratch;
  • Interminable onboarding;
  • Time spent studying old code or supporting younger developers;
  • Waiting for DevOps closure ticket.


  • Relaxed without any setup complexity;
  • Microservices’ reusability;
  • Quickly set up projects;
  • Quick onboarding and directly hands-on-code;
  • Self-serve yourself with well-documented services;
  • No bottleneck due to open tickets.

Brick on brick, reuse and create something you are proud of.



Node.js Template

This is the best template to start creating a service in Node integrated inside the platform.

Supported by

Springboot example


Springboot Decorator Example

Use Mia-Platform Springboot library to develop custom Decorators and interact with CRUD Service.

Supported by



Dev Portal

Use this application to set up your Developer Portal in a few clicks.

Supported by

Already loved by devs

“A PaaS for all needs.”

The simplicity with which it helps and speeds up development, the ability to use off-the-shelf and configurable components, and the way in which as a PaaA it allows some functions (administration, system, etc.) to be abstracted. DevOps management and technology solutions in step with the times.

Francis F.
Source: Capterra

“Technology Accelerator”

Speeds up development and supports all programming languages. Equipped with an administration console that is quite easy to use and has all the features to better manage the product. Also provided with good and capacious CMS and Analytics for every need. Uses state-of-the-art technologies and enables technological growth of user teams.

Nicholas Z.
IT engineer
Source: Capterra

“Great software!!!”

Easy to use and initial setup, everything well documented, and excellent support

Claudio S.
Source: Capterra

“Great product”

Easy of use product that helps you speed up the development lifecycle of an application and provides a transparent way to deal with the infrastructure and to be production-ready in a short time.

Dinu B.
Software developer

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