Mia-Platform External Dev Portal

An external API developer portal to power up external teams.

The API economy is an emerging trend that will revolutionize mature business sectors through the creation of collaborations and synergies among suppliers of different products and services.


IT decision-makers see APIs as key assets to improve the user experience.


IT decision-makers think that External Dev Portal can accelerate innovation.

What is an External Developer Portal

An External Developer Portal (EDP), or Dev Portal, is a public API portal providing a self-service API ecosystem and enhancing collaboration between the organization and its partners. It offers public services documentation and secure access to these resources for external developers. An EDP gives support for both governance and security and facilitates agreements with 3rd parties on API usage.

Mia-Platform allows you to build your own Dev Portal with a set of ready-to-use components to set up your API catalog in a few clicks.

External Developer Portal

External API portals help organizations to:

Forge new Partnership

Forge new business partnerships

Creating Community of Partners

Expand the reach of their APIs by creating partner communities

Showcase services

Showcase services with which they serve customers

New revenue models

Create new revenue models using API as a product

Make your Dev Portal with Mia-Platform ready-to-use plugins

An External Developer Portal for any roles:


CIO and Engineering Managers

The Dev Portal allows you to standardize high-quality services and best practices, by managing your whole tech ecosystem and exposing them to 3rd parties.



The Developer Portal makes building software faster with a self-service and secure catalog of standardized components. It is a tool to search, reuse, test, and document the available public services.


DevOps or Platform Engineers

External Developer Portals enables extensibility and scalability by easily integrating new tools and services (via plugins), as well as extending the functionality of existing ones.

IDP vs EDP: can I have one portal?

Internal and external developers have different needs. With one portal you will struggle to manage all of the 3rd parties developers’ requests, adding more complexities to your IT organization. Having two different portals, allow you to provide a tailored experience for different kind of users.

  • IDP or Developer Hub
    An Internal Developer portal acts as a hub where developers can discover and share APIs and services, as well as collaborate on their design and development. An IDP simplifies governance and encourages reuse. With extended capabilities, such as API microgateway, flow orchestrations, and container resource management, IDP can become a Developer Hub as Mia-Platform is.
  • EDP or Dev Portal
    External Developer Portal is focused on creating a developer ecosystem around APIs and services, providing a catalog where 3rd parties developers can discover, test, and reuse APIs.
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