Mia-Platform, the out‑of‑the‑box Digital Integration Hub (DIH) enabler

APIs are the undisputed enabler for digital modernizations. Through the API Platform, they can access data hosted in System of Record and empower multiexperience and ecosystem collaboration. APIs are the answer for high performance and high-scale digital business environments, but markets are more demanding than before: did APIs reach the limit?

The request-based approach may prove inadequate.
If an organization faces that its APIs serve up to millions of calls per day, it may occur in:

Massive Workloads

Massive workloads on the Systems of Record

Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure and maintenance costs

Weak data accessibility

Weak Data accessibility due to fragmentation or silos

Business unavailability

Business unavailability due to slow or not working APIs requests

Lack of Agility and Performance

Lack of Agility and Low Performance

System Complexity

Systems complexity

Improve your API Platform with the Digital Integration Hub

Built on event-based communications and data management components, the Digital Integration Hub (DIH) solves the challenge of omnicanality. The DIH allows delivering high-throughput, responsive and reliable APIs while minimizing the workload on the systems. Digital Integration Hub “put data in the integration layer”, by aggregating domain-specific data from multiple system-of-record sources to support API services.


Create your Digital Integration Hub with Mia-Platform

The Benefits of using a Digital Integration Hub

Improved user experience

Improved user experience

Requests insist on a near-real-time replica of SOR’s Data, improving the overall user experience.

7 Real-time Data

Always-on Status

Maintain your service always up&running, even during maintenance or upgrade, by providing data directly from the Digital Integration Hub.

Legacy System Offloading

Offloading Legacy Systems

Reduce massive workloads generated by the API services by decoupling data. Consequently, downsize costly systems of record or reduce access fees.

Legacy mondernization

Legacy Modernization

Replace some of your oldest systems of record with minimal impact on your services thanks to decoupled data.

Easy Sor Integration

Easy SOR integration

Support data integrations among Systems of Record by using the Digital Integration Hub flexibility.


Real-time Business Insights

The Digitial Integration Hub allows you to analyze data and use them to offer service or detect business events.

Mia-Platform Fast Data to decouple any legacy systems

Mia-Platform Fast Data collects data from any existing system and organizes them according to your business needs. It builds a single point of truth to keep your data flow consistent and updated in real-time 24/7. It aggregates business data from different sources into MongoDB collections called Single Views, making them easily queried by your APIs. The aggregation is performed only when needed, that is when changes occur to the source data.

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