Mia-Platform for Platform Engineers and DevOps

Enhanced visibility, traceability, auditability, and observability across the whole DevOps cycle. Reduce cloud-native complexities, set guidelines, and make the infrastructure transparent to your devs with Mia-Platform’s Internal Developer Portal (IDP).

Imagine your work without these problems:


Complex DevOps Toolchains

You know the complexities of setting up, managing and orchestrating cloud-native technologies.


IT chaos

You do everything well but it’s still a mess: Developers that do everything without skills, infinite tickets, and DevOps become a bottleneck.

Service Mesh

Infrastructures hard to maintain

Complex processes and frequent releases certainly do not help to keep architecture continuously updated. What happens when you create a new service?

A transparent self-service infrastructure for all developers, controlled by you.

Mia-Platform Console is an Internal Developer Portal that allows you to easily set up and leverage all the necessary functionalities to create your microservices digital platform, orchestrating the entire DevOps toolchain.

  • Govern all projects in one place;
  • Industrialize & automate DevOps;
  • Avoid organizational bottlenecks;
  • Self-serve developers;
  • Solve cloud complexity;
  • Enhance accountability & reliability;
  • Manage governance permissions with RBAC.

Instant benefits, never-ending advantages

Short-term results

  • Ready to code from day 1;
  • Quick onboarding for Devs & Ops;
  • Cut development time in half, thanks to the automation of manual tasks;
  • Ready-to-use templates, examples and plugins;
  • Deploy on any cloud or on-premises.

Long-term results

  • Start every new project in a few clicks, not days;
  • Cut the cost of maintaining and evolving scripts & tools;
  • Favor reuse of components and overall architecture consistency;
  • Keep low the total cost of ownership with a clear governance;
  • Zero lock-in with a Git-centric, code-first approach.

Ops, Team Leader and Devs trust us: 

“A platform to focus on developing and creating value applications.”

Mia-Platform, once the development model and any external tools already in place are set up, allows in a very short time to give a significant “productivity boost” as it goes to fill many needs that, if taken one at a time, take up so much of IT’s time that it has to take it away from the time it needs to devote to delivering solutions of value to the business.

Denis S.
IT Architect & Project Manager


Pros: Its Cloud Native nature, integration with the DevOps procedures adopted in the company, Kubernetes-based infrastructure, the set of open source technologies used and primarily the Fast Data module.

Umberto Q.
Business Unit Manager
Source: Capterra

“A technology accelerator.”

I really liked the approach with which Mia-Platform is built: by integrating the best solutions in the market, it allows having a holistic view of the software lifecycle, without creating any vendor lock-in. With this approach, it allows companies to scale-up technology very quickly and start building modern applications right away.(…).

Nicholas P.
Project Manager
Source: Capterra

Simple as it should be.
Scale DevOps with Mia-Platform Console

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