Internal Developer Platform (IDPs)

Take care of your software lifecycle and get speed and agility out of your development.

Digital Platforms are evolving far beyond the traditional platform domain of PaaS.

A new wave of cloud platform innovations is emerging, with Platform Engineering, composability, and Cloud-Native as the main drivers.


of software engineering businesses will create platform teams
by 2026


of IT decision makers report their organization is implementing DevOps practices


of organizations with Platform Teams will provide self-service Developer Platforms to improve DevX by 2025

5 facts you should know about Internal Developer Platforms

Standard “flexible” approach to different technologies

Standard “flexible” approach to different technologies

Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) are “one-stop shop” where developers can find all tools, playbooks, templates, and documentation. IDPs provide standardized toolsets but tailored to product teams’ needs, to enhance DevX and operativity.

Streamlined Onboarding Experience

Streamlined Devs onboarding experience

IDP simplifies developers’ onboarding by providing them with the right delivery setup or linking them directly to an external one.

Collaborative work environment

Collaborative work environment

IDPs support reuse, sharing and collaboration among teams and assets. They improve cooperation, visibility and ownership using innersource practices.


Self-service workflow

IDPs enable Developers to self-serve assets and resources. This includes access to preapproved software packages, CI/CD tools, development and test environments and end-to-end visibility.

Accelerate feedback 

Accelerate feedback loops

Internal Developer Platforms speed up the feedback process and give you the ability to always deliver the best product.

Internal Developer Platforms aren’t just for developers,

they give benefits to the entire organization.

For CIO and management

For companies, improving the day-to-day developer experience means the ability to attract and retain talent. CIOs know that IDPs are becoming strategic organizational assets.

For DevOps & Platform Engineers

DevOps are no longer the bottleneck of development processes. IDPs create an environment where Platform/DevOps teams help developers build their products. IDP means simplicity of governance and easy security management.

Bringing composability to organizations:

Concrete investing
VH Italia

Empower Developers and relive DevOps.
Set up your Internal Developer Platform

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