Mia-Platform for the insurance industry:

Today, the insurance ecosystem is facing a revolution, opening up to external players and building collaborations with partners.

To address new customers’ needs, some insurers are choosing to improve the omnichannel experience by offering both insurance and non-insurance services.

To achieve this vision, the following options can help insurance companies:

Legacy mondernization

Legacy Modernization

Updating processes and embracing new technologies to directly respond to market needs.

Open Insurance

Moving toward Open Insurance

Seizing new opportunities, thanks to the integration of services with platforms belonging to partners and external providers, using APIs.

Strategia Omnicanale

Adopting and Omnichannel Strategy

Strengthening your omnichannel strategy with the technological integration of your and your partners’ channels.

Data-driven Proposition

Integrating a Data-Driven Approach

Creating richer and more personalized products for increasingly digital clients.

Insurance Digital Platform

Mia-Platform: the Digital Platform for Open Insurance

Mia-Platform offers a ready-to-use solution to quickly build your end-to-end Insurtech platform. Decouple your back-end systems belonging to the different branches (e.g. Life, Non-Life, Claims) and shape a single view of aggregated data. The solution allows you to rapidly evolve your applications, enhancing the existing skills and tools of your company.

Domain Models: Harness the power of Single Views designed for the insurance industry


Domain Models are ready-to-use Single Views conceived and designed to cover all business objects of the insurance sector.
Take full advantage of your data with filterable and ready-to-use Single View, which simplifies the exposure of data on all your channels.

Here are some possible “templates” of data models to create some unique single views for the insurance world:


Create customer-centric views with all the client’s information that can come both from the company’s legacy systems (Life, Damage, Claims, etc.), and from external sources (such as the policy stipulated through a bank).

Some examples may be personal data, history of the policies stipulated with the company, real-time updated view of all active policies, history of claims; but also data from third-party services, such as the health ones deriving from third-party partners.


Build event-centric views that contain a client’s data concerning a specific event.

The information may relate to the history of a claim rather than an event linked to the life policy, such as event history, important information related to the event itself such as settlement, payment history, etc.


Set up product-centric views that contain details of all insured products that may be associated with a specific policy such as vehicles, homes, or customers.

Insurance Policy

Assemble policy-centric views that contain all the data of a single policy, such as policy history, data relating to events or products included in the policy, and payment history.


Form views that contain the data of a specific store (eg. an agency in the area), such as the number of policies stipulated, turnover generated, important information from the offer portfolios, details on the policies sold or paid.

Mia-Platform: the flexible and scalable platform for the insurance industry

Domain Models

Domain Models

Aggregate and visualize data from different systems in a single place and take advantage of ready-to-use Single Views with all the typical business objects of the insurance market.

disponibilità 247

24/7 Data Availability

Quickly connect the company’s systems to your platform and have your data available in real-time 24/7.

Nuove opportunità

Open Insurance

Open the offering portfolio by using the APIs to build new business partnerships, reducing integration costs.

Riduzione time-to-market

Time-to-Market Reduction

Reduce Time-to-Market thanks to a rich catalog of ready-to-use microservices, specially developed for the insurance world.


Governance of Processes and People

Define guidelines, operational practices, and quality standards for building new microservices. Manage applications by providing security, scalability, and reliability.

Our commitment in the Insurance Ecosystem

Mia-Platform as a main player of the Open and Embedded Insurance Observatory

We are a founding member of the Open & Embedded Insurance Observatory, the international research institute born to co-create and strengthen the knowledge base on Open and Embedded Insurance, and to facilitate and promote the adoption of these technologies in the market.

The Observatory’s Report 2022 is now available. This is an essential resource for understanding the adoption status of Open and Embedded Insurance and the trends that will shape the near future.

Mia-Platform with Italian Insurtech Association (IIA) for innovation in the insurance ecosystem

Mia-Platform promotes innovation at the service of the Italian insurance industry. Together with IIA and its partners, Mia-Platform supports the growth of the Insurtech ecosystem by participating and stimulating the adoption of new technologies in the insurance sector.

Build your Insurance Digital Platform

Microservices for Insurance Industry



Single View Creator Template

This is the best template to start creating a Single View Creator for your Fast Data

Supported by



Single View Creator

This is the best plugin to use for creating a Single View Creator for your Fast Data

Supported by

Fast Data Monitoring


Fast Data Monitoring

The application to set up the monitoring resources to track Fast Data operations

Supported by



Auth0 ClientAuth0 Client

Integrate with your Auth0 tenant using Mia-Platform core service Auth0 Client.

Supported by



Authentication Service

Use Mia-Platform core Authentication Service to provide OAuth2 compliant user authentication API.

Supported by

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