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What is behind

Our gadget kit is made with care but it is also optional: if there’s something you know you will not use, we recommend that you do not take it. If you’d like to have more than what you received, you can buy it. In this way, we hope to make everyone aware of the value of the things they are receiving.

Producing and buying ethically is important; producing and buying less is essential.

Mia-Platform Backpacks

Backpacks: travel respecting people and the planet

We decided to choose Fjallraven for our branded backpacks. We are a young company, working hybridly, and a backpack is what we need. “We hope to leave our basecamp in better shape than we found it” is Fjallraven’s vision and we deeply share it.

T-Shirt & Hoodies: a sustainable supplier chain

The fashion industry has a strong impact on people’s work and on the environment. We chose Stanley/Stella for our t-shirts and for our hoodies because it takes care of its supply chain: from people’s work to the materials used.

Mia-Platform t-shirts & hoodies
Mia-Platform Tech Shirt

Pens, hats, technical shirts: to be ready for everything

We love playing sports, we do it in our private time and as Mia-Platform in many team-building activities. That’s why we decided to create a technical t-shirt with Craft, a brand that tries to apply circularity “from design to delivery”. Also objects not from a particular brand are made consciously: our pens are made of wheat fiber, which derives from the waste of wheat cultivation, a minimum amount of ABS plastic and metal, and our hats respect the Global Recycled Standards.

Water bottles designed to replace single-use plastics

We couldn’t miss it: a branded canteen, and we chose 24Bottles for it. Their goal is “to create a better future for the next generations” and we share the same vision. A water station is installed in our office and we suggest bringing everyone’s own bottle also to events and conferences to avoid single-use plastic bottles.


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