Empowering Innovation, Together

Discover Mia-Platform Vision, Mission, and Manifesto

Our vision is to strengthen information technology, improving everybody’s life.

Information technology expands access to information, education, healthcare, and essential services, empowering communities and fostering political change. It creates opportunities for businesses and facilitates global exploration, communication, and entertainment.

Crucial in shaping humanity’s future, IT holds the potential to improve lives and drive economic growth across various sectors. As software creators, we recognize our responsibility, knowing that our code leaves a lasting impact on colleagues, users, communities, and the planet.

We believe in harnessing this power to create a better society.

Our mission is to
empower better development
for everyone
, everywhere.

We want to reach out to development teams all over the world. Our product is designed for them.

We strive to enable a simpler, more democratized access to cloud native technologies; to deliver a frictionless development experience across engineering, operations and security; to create the conditions for teams to write and ship leading edge applications, faster, without borders.

Coding is an art.

We have creativity and engineering acumen that are the necessary foundation of great software. We enrich it with the beautiful diversity of talents, cultures and visions of our people from five continents to spawn innovation and value, creating what’s next for the global development community.

We are committed to bringing a positive impact to the ecosystem of which we are a part.

Improving information technology can mean improving everybody’s future: we’re on the pulse of sustainable economic, social and environmental growth. As people of code, this is our motivation, our passion, what drives us and brings us together in our work. If you want to join us, this is what we will ask you: to commit and push for better development.

Our core values

Dream Big

The world is meant to be changed and we don't mind taking the first step. We thrive on diversity and act with freedom, courage and responsibility in a continuous quest for improvement.

Have Fun

We enjoy the challenge of creating what's next and trust each other to make it a great journey. We love building software, but also relations.

Get It Done

Real progress comes one step at a time: we steadily work to consistently deliver value, dedicating our attention, experience and honesty to the objective.

Our Manifesto

As a company deeply committed to making a positive impact, we are driven by a collective purpose that guides all our actions and decisions. Our manifesto reflects the essence of who we are, what we stand for, and the unwavering commitment we have towards our customers, employees, and the world around us.