Vonage joins Mia‑Platform Partner Program and makes Communications APIs available through Mia‑Platform Marketplace

February 7th, 2022 – Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has joined the Mia-Platform Partner Program, by introducing its Vonage Communications Platform (VCP) APIs to Mia-Platform Marketplace. 

In Mia-Platform we focus on delivering the best experience both for our customers and for the final users of our product. We are happy to embark on this new partnership with Vonage, one of the best solutions’ providers on the market, and empower our clients to easily create exceptional experiences.

Francesco Soncini Sessa, Head of Strategic Alliances @ Mia-Platform

What does this partnership mean for Mia-Platform customers?

Mia-Platform customers will be able to find Vonage’s communications application programming interfaces (APIs) in Mia-Platform Marketplace. Vonage’s fully programmable communications APIs can be integrated into our customers’ existing products, workflows and systems.

Vonage provides businesses worldwide with the power and flexibility to integrate multiple communications channelsvideo, voice, chat, messaging, email and verification − into their applications, products, and workflows to create new paradigms in their industries.

Whether it’s getting medical attention through telehealth, tracking a package or a food delivery, booking a rideshare service, providing fraud protection, or enabling video and voice communications, Vonage makes this possible, enabling developers to easily embed real-time, high-quality interactive video, messaging, screen-sharing, and more into their web and mobile apps. Through its partners, Vonage’s platform is at the centre of many notable transformational projects worldwide.

The pandemic has led to a significant change in how business is done and accelerated digital transformation for organizations around the world. We are seeing customers across all industries increasingly choose Vonage to help them digitally transform their customer communications and engagement solutions as companies continue to embrace hybrid work, develop disruptive solutions and expand communication channels. We’re excited to be working with Mia-Platform to enable its customers to enhance their customer engagement with intelligent, personal conversations.

Guillaume Calot, Global Vice President, API Partners at Vonage