The simplest way to develop modern applications on Kubernetes

The platform allows you to industrialize and simplify software lifecycle by using APIs, microservices and real-time data, building event-driven architectures, and carrying out DevOps operations.

Time to market & Cost Saving

Time to Market & Cost Saving

Reduce over 47% of time and costs of any IT development project.

IT system offloading

IT System Offloading

Offload legacy systems from massive workloads and generate savings in infrastructure and license costs.

Data-driven company

Data-driven Company

Aggregate data according to your business needs and make them available in real time, 24/7.

Security & governance

Security & Governance

Trust a platform secure by design and easily manage the software lifecycle.


Scalability & Flexibility

Gain agility and flexibility, and get ready to scale your services with the business.

Zero Lock-in

0 Lock-in

Your code is your code and will never be locked-in.


Mia-Platform Console

Make yourself comfortable: the full software lifecycle in one place

Mia-Platform Console was built with Developers, DevOps and Architects in mind to simplify the everyday workflow and give companies complete governance of their platform ecosystem.

Mia-Platform v11


Browse our rich ecosystem of ready-to-use plugins

Mia-Platform Fast Data

Offload your legacy systems, aggregate data in Single Views and serve all of your business channels in real-time with Mia-Platform Fast Data.


Other components


CRUD Service

Create your data collections in a few clicks with the CRUD Service. Interact and modify your persistently stored data by using standard functions.


Orchestrators & Flow Manager

Orchestrate data flows with prebuilt components. Adopt the Saga Pattern approach and guarantee data consistency across distributed transactions with Flow Manager.


Mia-Platform Microfrontend Composer

A customizable and easy-to-use headless CMS designed for the everyday work of non-technical teams. Give your business people access to the Platform’s data and APIs.


Micro API Gateway

The API Gateway is the microservice responsible for routing requests to the correct service inside Kubernetes, verifying the need of authentication and orchestrating the conversation with the authentication service.


Microservices Templates & Examples

Access a set of ready-to-code templates and examples in Mia-Platform Marketplace directly from Mia-Platform Console. Choose your language, create new services in a few clicks and get ready to scale your business.

Become an agile, flexible, data-driven company, reducing time-to-market with a cost-saving mindset.
Offload legacy systems from huge workloads and manage all projects from a single place.


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Platform Engineering 101: all you need to know to get started

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