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> Mia-Platform Academy is directed by the international coach and mentor Giulio Roggero.

Mia-Platform Tech Certifications


Developer Fundamentals

The starter course for everyone who aims at mastering Mia‑Platform’s technology and principles.

Learn the basics and principles on design, development and deployment of APIs and microservices architectures.

Mia-Platform_Dev Professional_badge

Developer Professional

An advanced course to learn how to be fully autonomous and properly develop on Mia-Platform.

Demonstrate the ability to develop microservices architectures with Mia-Platform.

Mia-Platform_Ops Professional_badge

Ops Professional

An advanced course for everyone who wants to be able to install, maintain and manage Mia-Platform Console.

Master the tools and technologies to get the most out of Mia‑Platform Console and Kubernetes runtime.

Mia-Platform_Governance Professional_badge

Governance Professional

An advanced course to manage a digital platform based on Mia‑Platform technology.

Learn how to govern a digital platform on different aspects: software development lifecycle, API management, microservices guidelines and data governance.



A next-level course to learn how to be autonomous in designing and implementing software architectures based on Mia‑Platform technology.

Open Courses Calendar 2023

Course Month Days
Dev Fundamentals
February 6-7-8-9
June 5-6-7-8
October 2-3-4-5
Dev Professional
February/March 21-23-1-3
June 12-14-19-21
November 7-9-14-16
Ops Professional
February 14-16-21-23
November 28-30
December 4-6
Governance Professional
February/March 28-1-2-3
June 8-9-15-16
October 5-6-10-13
February/March 27-28-1-2
June 26-27-28-29
October 23-24-25-26


What’s the difference between Open COURSES and regular ones?

Open courses are meant for everyone who wants to discover cloud native technologies and Mia-Platform’s solutions. You can find public dates in the calendar above.
Regular classes are private closed number lessons. The calendar is not public. If you are a company interested in regular classes, please write to academy@mia‑

After the course, can I take the certification exam?

Yes, after the course you can take the exam to get the certification.
Important: to get advanced course certification you have to achieve basic course certifications before. To learn more write to academy@mia‑

Can I enroll in any classes?

Yes, you can enroll in any class. We suggest taking a look at the course outline before applying.

Do classes Have a minimum number of participants?

Classes have a requirement of at least 5 participants. We will notify you of any changes or rescheduling.

Is there any registration fee?

Courses and certifications require a registration fee. Fill out the form for more information about costs.

When do registrations close?

Registrations close 7 days prior to the first day of the class

“We chose Mia-Platform as it represents a unique solution on the market, able to be the central element in the architecture design to ensure better governance for our client’s projects.”

Alessandro Caso
Chief Digital Officer & Partner @ Intesys

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