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A guided learning path

Empower your people with a rich program of courses ranging from technology to business.
Train with the best professionals and embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


> Mia-Platform Academy is directed by the international coach and mentor Giulio Roggero.

Mia-Platform Tech Certifications


Developer Fundamentals

The starter course for everyone who aims at mastering Mia-Platform’s technology and principles.

Learn the basics and principles on design, development and deployment of APIs and microservices architectures.


Developer Professional

An advanced course to learn how to be fully autonomous and properly develop on Mia-Platform.

Demonstrate the ability to develop microservices architectures with Mia-Platform.


Ops Professional

An advanced course for everyone who wants to be able to install, maintain and manage Mia-Platform Console.

Master the tools and technologies to get the most out of Mia-Platform Console and Kubernetes runtime.


Governance Professional

An advanced course to manage a digital platform based on Mia-Platform technology.

Learn how to govern a digital platform on different aspects: software development lifecycle, API management, microservices guidelines and data governance.



A next-level course to learn how to be autonomous in designing and implementing software architectures based on Mia-Platform technology.

Mia-Platform Sales Certifications

Sales Pill*

A 4 hours starting-level course for everyone who sells Mia-Platform’s products.

Learn Mia-Platform’s value proposition, the main features, all its components and distribution models.

*This course does not issue a certificate


Sales Professional

An advanced course for professional sellers to deliver Mia-Platform’s innovations to their customers.


“We chose Mia-Platform as it represents a unique solution on the market, able to be the central element in the architecture design to ensure better governance for our client’s projects.”

Alessandro Caso
Chief Digital Officer & Partner @ Intesys

On-the-Job Training

> Pair Programming

  • Design and develop with Mia-Platform professionals
  • Speed up your training
  • Write clean code
  • Focus on methods and practices (code reviews, TDD, refactoring, continuous integration)

> Mob Programming

  • All team members writing code on a single PC
  • Hands-on design workshops
  • Sharing know-how effectively
  • Learning new practices through code reviews

> Kata and code retreats

  • Coding sessions where people learn how to master software development methods
  • Training sessions with TDD, Clean Code, Functional Programming, New Coding Languages, Tools Mastering

> Shadow Scrum Teams

  • Work alongside a Scrum Team and learn from the experts
  • Gain first-hand experience on processes, methods and techniques to get the best from a real Scrum Team

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