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Nowadays the increasing complexity of the omnichannel market is the main big challenge in the insurance world. To face it, Cattolica Assicurazioni chose Mia‑Platform.
Starting from the development of an application for agents, gradually we built together Abaco: the API digital platform for Cattolica Assicurazioni Holding.

Industry: Insurance

Benefits Generated

40% costs reduction

Since Mia‑Platform was introduced, new projects’ time‑to‑market decreased by over 40%, with a symmetrical costs reduction.
The platform’s open-source perspective allows teams to derive as much value as possible from the existing assets of the company.

For Marketing

- Perfect user profiling.
- Simplification of the translation of commercial needs into technological applications.
- Increase in the online quotations and closer relationships with clients.

For IT

- Increase in internal IT productivity.
- More flexibility and adaptability to market’s requests.
- More control and cohesion within business levels.

Who is Cattolica Assicurazioni?

With 1.700 employees and more than 3,6 million clients, with a direct network of more than 1.500 agencies and a premium volume of around 5 billion euros, Cattolica Assicurazioni Holding is one of the leaders in the Italian insurance industry and it offers a wide range of insurance and financial solutions. It is one of the few Italian companies with more than 100 years and it counts around 24 million business partners.

The goal

Innovate the holding with a safe and seamless platform that is unique for the whole company, in order to facilitate the processes and the communication within the different business areas and in order to foster the emergence of cross-functional teams.

Centralize users’ data, which allows perfect profiling, in order to enable a fully omnichannel approach to the market.

cattolica case 1

Analysis and Design

Together with the company we designed Digital Cattolica 2020 through envisioning workshops, in which we analysed the existing structures, we mapped the competencies and their distribution and we defined some general objectives.

Once the direction was commonly agreed, we realized the first application for agents based on our platform. The platform was then used for all the new projects, as it made easier and faster their development and launch on the market. The new company App, for example, one of the most advanced in the insurance landscape, was realized in less than six months.

Many different Business Units in Cattolica had the opportunity to integrate themselves with the platform, following the most appropriate timing and manner and enabling an incremental and positive internal reorganization.
During the whole process, we continuously communicate with the IT and the Marketing, in order to develop a product aligned with the needs of both business areas.

Development and Support

The platform realized by Mia‑Platform centralizes all the services that were created in the past years from the different Business Units with a governance based on an open-source model. Thanks to this design, each team can contribute or take value from the common services, reducing development costs and time.

Mia‑Platform’s support was not limited to technology: our expert POs help Cattolica teams in planning, designing and developing their digital growth taking a platform perspective, while the Academy supports the IT with an ad hoc program of courses to transmit the essential knowledge for team empowerment.

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