Going digital to simplify the customer experience in the energy industry

NeN has chosen Mia-Platform as a technology partner to enhance its digital platform, and simplify the experience of the electricity and gas supply.
The key goal is to constantly optimize people’s journey on the company’s digital channels (app and website) by providing easy and transparent access to consumption data and other useful information, speeding up the onboarding process of new clients, and substantially reducing the time-to-market of new digital services.

Industry: Utility

Key benefits

Data-driven company

Higher data quality and consistency

Riduzione time-to-market

Time and cost reduction in the delivery of new digital services


Easier and faster integration with partners and third parties

Strategia Omnicanale

Better customer experience on all company’s digital touchpoints

About NeN

NeN is the first Italian Enertech – i.e. a company that combines energy and technology to provide intuitive, transparent, and 100% digital energy services. NeN sells 100% green electricity under subscription, combining a solid organization (it is part of the A2A group) and an agile approach as a startup.

NeN’s mission is to radically transform the relationship and the experience that people normally have with their energy supplier. For this reason, the company has chosen to provide electricity and gas under subscription, with calculated monthly payments based on consumption, and with a fully digital service. NeN relies on clear words, intuitive design, and quick and precise customer care.


The Goal

At NeN, digitalization and technology play a fundamental role both in defining the business strategy and in building the organizational and structural assets.

NeN works to enhance its digital platform to make energy management and supply easier. The company is committed to optimizing the customer experience across all its touchpoints and reducing time and costs to deliver new digital services.

To do that, NeN has chosen to rely on the technological excellence of Mia-Platform, the 100% Italian company that launched on the market the first solution worldwide for the end-to-end creation of “cloud-native” digital platforms.

The Solution

The digital platform designed by Mia-Platform for NeN provides for the creation of an integration layer between frontend (app, website) and backend systems (CRM, IoT, Operations, Customer Support). The goal is to optimize the management and the usability of data, allowing to enhance the customer experience and to easily and fastly launch new offers.

In particular, NeN’s digital platform is based on 3 key layers: Business Orchestration, Single Responsibility Services, and Fast Data.

The solution - NeN case

Business Orchestration

The Business Orchestration layer allows orchestrating the business flows of the digital touchpoints such as, for example, the onboarding of a new customer, or the request for the activation of a new service, by using the Single Responsibility Services.

The Business Orchestration layer can manage the single calls of the flow, simplifying the detection of errors and maximizing the evolution of the business flows.

Flow Manager - NeN case

The Business Orchestration Layer is based on the innovative component designed by Mia-Platform. The Flow Manager is a saga orchestrator that can be easily deployed, configured, and fully integrated with the other platform’s functionalities.

The Flow Manager is a microservice that manages the sagas following the flow imposed by an event-driven finite-state machine, where transactions are triggered by messages. These messages are event-based and are asynchronously exchanged with a Message-broker.

Mia-Platform Flow Manager allows configuring the saga in a few simple steps, saving time compared to the development of a custom solution. It also offers huge benefits in terms of business logic management, debugging, and flexibility in case of an evolution of the requirements.

For NeN the key benefits are related to data consistency, and the error management in operations that are distributed on different systems such as, for example, the onboarding process of new customers.

Single Responsibility Services

Single Responsibility Services are microservices with a limited and defined responsibility that get data by interacting with external systems, or by accessing databases.

For example, the Marketing Notifications microservices simplify the sending of notifications from different NeN’s technical systems and help to manage the communication to all customers in a centralized way.

The main benefit generated by this microservices approach is the cost reduction for NeN. Microservices:

  • are reusable and composable, and allow developing applications in a flexible and agile way;
  • speed up the addition of new touchpoints and flows;
  • allow adopting an evolutionary architecture, able to change quickly and consistently over time in response to arising business needs.
SRC - NeN case
FastData - NeN case

Mia-Platform Fast Data

Mia-Platform Fast Data is a set of ready-to-use microservices that allows aggregating data coming from different sources and systems in Single Views, that are built upon specific business logics such as, for example, the client profile, product information, or any other business need.

Thanks to Mia-Platform Fast Data, NeN can receive data from internal and third parties’ systems, and aggregate it in more than 40,000 Single Views. The Single Views gather all personal and consumption data of each customer and expose it in a simple and fast way to frontend systems, and the digital touchpoints accessible by clients (website, app).

This solution responds to NeN’s needs for scalability and performance, guaranteeing data velocity, integrity, and reliability, to offer a simple and positive experience to all its customers.

NIcolò Schiavone - NeN

Nicolò Schiavone, Head of Technology @ NeN

“For NeN digitalization and state-of-the-art technology are key factors to keep the promise of simplicity, speed, and transparency in the delivery of services to its customers. Thanks to Mia-Platform, we can further enhance the growing expectations of the people who choose us. At the same time, we can evolve our IT architecture, making it more reliable, flexible, and ready to face new digital challenges.”

NeN Quote Img -blu
Mia-Platform Demo Banner

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