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Transforming Insurance Operations with Mia-Platform: Near Real-Time Agency Notifications

A global leader in the insurance sector, has partnered with Mia-Platform to simplify and streamline business relationships with its network of agents and sub-agents through the group’s agency portal. The direct integration of the company’s core systems with the portal used to be complex and time-consuming. This led to a poor agent experience when interacting with the company and an inability to promptly carry out value-added activities to engage with the policyholder base. Thanks to Mia-Platform Fast Data, the company can now aggregate data in an intermediate layer, send notifications in near real-time to the whole agency network, and significantly reduce the Millions of Instructions Per Second (MIPS) processed by the core systems.

Industry: Insurance

Key Benefits

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Real-time integration from multiple data sources

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MIPS reduction to control escalating operating expenses

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Significant reduction of the response time

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Optimization of up-selling and cross-selling activities

About the customer

The company is one of the world leaders in the insurance and asset management sectors, serving more than 100 million customers in over 70 countries. Italy is the group’s second insurance market, with a significant customer base served by a multichannel distribution network of agents, collaborators on the territory, financial advisors, and essential bancassurance agreements.

The Goal

The company strongly relies on its agency portal, an innovative digital ecosystem providing its network of agents and sub-agents a single place to manage the relationships with its customer base and perform up-selling and cross-selling activities. However, the portal used to aggregate information directly from the various company systems (e.g., personal area, claims management system) to collect valuable customer data, such as the policies expiration, the claims summary, and the subject registries that translate into actionable tasks and notifications for the network of agents. This direct integration between the different systems and the portal required complex aggregation logics embedded in the frontend, leading to lengthy response times and frequent performance timeouts. Therefore, the agency network was unable to act on value-added tasks in a timely manner to engage its customer base.

The Solution

The company relied on Mia-Platform to decouple the agency frontend from the backend systems, aggregating data in an intermediate layer and easily exposing them in real-time to the group’s portal.

Thanks to Mia-Platform Fast Data, the company started building a single view of all the notifications grouped based on macro categories such as claims and portfolios and specific classes like car damages, policy quotations, and more. Once aggregated in these target categories, notifications have been enriched with user IDs of the agents that read the notifications to keep track of pending notifications within the portal. Moreover, with the postdated notifications single view, the notification providers are now allowed to schedule notifications to be exposed to the agency network at a particular time in the future.

The company can now rely on a unique hub to aggregate notifications and expose them in near real-time to the whole agency network, a single agency or subagency, or a specific user. In addition, the agency portal now provides the agents with an organized view of their tasks and activities, along with details of each relevant action and integration with other company portals.
Relying on Mia-Platform Fast Data, the company has also pursued an efficient legacy modernization strategy. The high-performing decoupling layer significantly reduced the Millions of Instructions Per Second (MIPS) processed by the company’s core systems.

The future perspective is to increase the number of core notification systems integrated with Mia-Platform Fast Data. Additionally, the goal is to expand the number of channels and touchpoints beyond the agency portal. For instance, a notification about a policy expiration would be sent to both the agent through the agency portal and the customer via the company app.

Key Numbers


Daily Notification managed


Response Time


Daily API Requests


Notifications Aggregated in Single Views


Integrated Notifications Producers

Mia-Platform Fast Data

Mia-Platform Fast Data is a set of ready-to-use microservices that optimize data management and interoperability and make updated data available to the company in real-time, 24/7.

In particular, Mia-Platform Fast Data allows you to:

  • Collect data from existing internal and external systems of the company, and organize them according to specific business logics in Business Single Views;
  • Keep data up-to-date in real-time in a high-performance database;
  • Make data available in real-time and 24/7 to all company services, channels, and applications;
  • Create your own Digital Integration Hub, building an event-driven architecture across a data management layer that decouples your systems from external channels.
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