Streamlining Supply Chain Visibility for Fashion Retail through the Digital Integration Hub

The client company, a primary player in the Fashion Retail sector, relied on the Digital Integration Hub of Mia-Platform to simplify and speed up the management of critical data (product, logistics, transactional, and customer-related). The initial objective was to open an e-commerce channel in Asian countries, maximizing the fast and secure integration and exposure to the company’s internal and external systems.

Eventually, the project was extended with the aim of optimizing Supply Chain Visibility. This made it possible to obtain an overall view of all the flows and processes of the supply chain and at the same time to launch both circular and reverse logistics initiatives.

Industry: Retail / Fashion

Main benefits

Maggiore qualità, velocità e disponibilità del dato

Enhanced quality, speed and availability of data.

Integrazione con sistemi

Easier and faster integration with systems and partners, both internal and external.

Maggiore visibilità

Enhanced data visibility along the value chain.

Standardizzazione della visualizzazione

Standardized view of stock movements at the global level among different distribution centers and shops.

Efficientamento di flussi

Streamlining of logistic flows and processes with a view towards circular and reverse logistics.

Migliore Customer Experience CX

Enhanced Customer Experience thanks to a more efficient logistic management.


The client company needed to speed up and optimize data management (product, transactional, and customer) to start selling products on marketplaces and social networks in Asian markets.

In the second phase of the project, the product data sources were integrated with identity management and connected via API to process mining no-code platforms, tracking movements of individual products globally.

These integrations produced enormous benefits in terms of supply chain visibility, enabling more efficient product movement worldwide, a more accurate comparison between planned and executed sales, and the emergence of new commercial models for circular logistics.

Specifically, an application was developed that makes it possible to digitize, simplify, and speed up the return process, especially in geographical areas where there is no widespread logistics network and/or physical stores.

The solution: Mia-Platform Fast Data for the Digital Integration Hub (DIH)

The client company chose Mia-Platform Fast Data as a technological tool to meet the needs for greater integration and interoperability of logistics data, building its own Digital Integration Hub, a new architectural paradigm based on event-driven architectures.

Mia-Platform Fast Data is the set of ready-to-use microservices that allows you to:

  • Gather data from pre-existing systems both internally and externally and organize them according to specific business rationale in Business Single Views;
  • Keep your data updated in real-time in a high-performance database;
  • Make your data available in real-time 24/7 to all your services, channels and applications;
  • Create your Digital Integration Hub, building an event-driven architecture through a data management layer that decouples Systems of Records from external channels.

Main advantages

Streamlining of the logistic network

The main benefits of streamlining the logistics network and digitizing the return process include shortened waiting times for refunds for the end customer and improved management capabilities for the company’s logistics operators.

The application is integrated with the customer’s management systems, allowing for real-time data updates and consultation. Additionally, the application allows for the implementation of circular and reverse logistics initiatives, such as efficient planning and organization of sales campaigns for returned items.

End costumer’s utmost satisfaction

The digitization of the return process has led to a significant decrease in refund times, even in countries where the client company does not have a widespread logistics network. This allows the company to efficiently and promptly respond to the return requests of its end customers, resulting in an improvement in the overall customer experience (CX) and satisfaction.

Perfect integration of systems and data

Mia-Platform, utilized as the backend of the application, is seamlessly integrated with the customer’s management system. Through API calls, it collects customer information and corresponding returns. Additionally, the customer sends product master data to Kafka, where it is collected and transferred to the Mia-Platform CRUD. This ensures that the information on the product master data and shipping data of each return process is aligned on both the application and the management system.

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