Mia-Platform mentioned in Top Takeaways From Analyst Report on Public Cloud Development And Infrastructure Platforms In Europe, Q1 2023

27th June 2023 – Mia-Platform, has been mentioned in the Forrester Blog Post “Top Takeaways From The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Development And Infrastructure Platforms In Europe, Q1 2023” written by Senior Analyst Dario Maisto.

In the Forrester Wave™ the author identified the 13 most significant public cloud development and infrastructure platform (PCDIP) providers in Europe, and researched, analyzed, and scored them. The report shows how each provider measures up and helps cloud leaders select the right one for their needs.

Mia-Platform was not included in this evaluation, but in the blogpost the analyst points out that the presence of European and non-European vendors in the region opens interesting scenarios for multicloud implementations, and mentions Mia-Platform as one of the vendors that offers a fully managed environment ready to use for development teams where code, run, security, and infrastructure operations are all managed by Mia-Platform.

We believe this recognition validates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of information technology and delivering an exceptional product to our customers. We will continue to strive for excellence and drive forward with our mission to shape the future of Platform Engineering

Giulio Roggero, CTO at Mia-Platform

Also, the Forrester blog post author highlights four main takeaways from the Wave evaluation:

  • Sovereignty requirements have the potential to disrupt the European PCDIP market in the future;
  • Sustainability is not yet a key requirement, but vendors are getting ready;
  • Partnerships characterize the Leaders’ offerings while smaller vendors gain attention in niche areas;
  • Hardware and network capabilities play a role beyond typical infrastructure features.

The full research is available here only for Forrester clients.

About Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) which delivers one of the leading solutions worldwide for the creation of end-to-end cloud native digital platforms.

Its powerful software suite with full DevOps Lifecycle Management provides a unique Console to simplify the development and operations of cloud native applications based on APIs, Microservices, Fast Data andDevOps, and to incrementally build a company’s Digital Platform.

Mia-Platform enables a smoother Developer Experience for Cloud-Native Application Development, thanks to the combination of its Self-Service Developer Portal (Mia-Platform Console) and Service Catalog (Mia-Platform Marketplace).

The platform is thought to support companies in their adoption path of Platform Engineering and Composable Architecture paradigms.

Mia-Platform is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, and has been mentioned for two years in a row among the top 10 Italian tech companies in the “FT 1.000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” ranking by The Financial Times.

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