Instant Lending: the innovative services by are now available within Mia-Platform Marketplace

Instant Lending: the innovative services by are now available within Mia‑Platform Marketplace

Milan, 18 January, the B2B fintech company specialized in Open Banking data analytics and in automation of consumer credit, and Mia-Platform, the tech company that brought to the market one of the first solutions worldwide for the end-to-end creation of cloud native digital platforms, sign a technology partnership.

The goal of the collaboration is to support banks, institutions and financial institutions to optimize the lending process.

For more than a decade we have been observing a definite push for change in the financial sector, a sector in which the focus is increasingly on customers and which has found support in technology to meet their needs. This is how fintech has come to develop, an environment that demands agility and the ability to adapt to changing needs and has given rise to new business models and partnerships. As partners of Mia-Platform, we are happy to offer our best expertise to a dynamic market, and we are proud to be part of an ecosystem that precisely because of these collaborations grows and develops value.

Gilberto Taccari, Co- founder and Head of Technology at offer is based on a set of modular, native-integrated and high tech services that cover the entire lifecycle of a loan:

  • Open Banking and Financial Insights, the collection and categorization of transactional data that return a comprehensive overview of customers’ financial behaviors and habits;
  • A.I. Powered Analytics and Credit Valuation, that is, a granular analysis of affordability and financial sustainability levels based on Machine Learning to estimate consumers’ risk profiles;
  • Lending as a Service, that is, modular and customizable solutions that enable instant lending, providing a streamlined and fully digital user experience. These services allow an entire loan application flow to be created from scratch or missing components to be integrated within existing processes.

Collaboration among fintech players is at the heart of the innovation enabled by Open Banking. For this, we forge partnerships with the best technology vendors in the market, creating an ecosystem of reliable and innovative partners serving banks, financial and credit institutions, and fintech players. The new partnership signed with adds another brick to the range of services available on the Mia-Platform Marketplace that will enable Mia-Platform and Mia-FinTech customers to access innovative Instant Lending services.

Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech

What is Instant Lending?

Instant Lending refers to a simplified, all-digital process of accessing credit that allows people to apply for a loan through a web platform with a simpler procedure than traditional channels. In fact, there is no need to provide any paperwork, and you get your loan quickly and securely.

The innovation brought by Instant Lending is made possible thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence for data analysis and affordability assessment, and thanks to Open Banking, which allows for the sharing – upon customer consent through strong authentication – of banking information between lending institutions and financial intermediaries.

About is a fintech startup that applies artificial intelligence to Open Banking data and provides Financial Insights to help banks, fintechs, and service providers streamline their processes and make business decisions based on valuable data.

Created with a mission to democratize access to credit, digitizes financial profiling and risk assessment processes through modular, plug and play or customizable products according to different levels of integration that enrich risk models and expand credit access opportunities for consumers.

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About Mia-FinTech

Mia-FinTech is the fintech startup based on the experience acquired by Mia-Platform, the leading Italian tech company that has revolutionized the end-to-end creation of digital platforms, in the banking and financial industries.

Its cloud native platform enables financial institutions to develop and create new digital services in a fast and scalable way, and to evolve towards Open Finance thanks to API, microservices and Fast Data, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

With the claim “Evolve your Bank in a modern FinTech company”, Mia-FinTech fills the gap between traditional banks and modern omnichannel digital banks.

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