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In a highly competitive tech market, collaboration is key to success

Mia-Platform Partner Program is a path of excellence that allows you to expand your capabilities and market reach.

Mia-Platform selects only the best tech companies on the market to partner with, supporting them with training, marketing initiatives, technical and commercial services.

Our Partners

The more you get, the more you want

A world of opportunities awaits you as soon as you qualify for the Program!

Exclusive discount and referral fees

Exclusive discount and referral fees

Exclusive discounts and referral fees: gain a competitive advantage by offering to your customers exclusive prices, and increase your margins with the reserved fee.

Training & Certifications

Training & certifications

A rich catalog of courses supports our partners with product updates, hands-on workshops and continuous training, putting them in better conditions to guide the digital transformation of their clients.

Co-Marketing activities

Co-Marketing activities

Gain co-marketing budget and get access to a wide set of initiatives. Promote your successes through Mia-Platform’s channels and position your brand as an innovation leader on the market.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

Enhance your competencies and get the most out of your collaboration with Mia-Platform.

Exclusive content

Exclusive Content

We produce contents and materials that can help you gain competencies and generate demand, covering topics and trends related to cloud-native technologies and the digital transformation of different industries.

An engagement plan for every need

> Strategic Consultancy: drive your client’s digital transformation through Mia-Platform.

> Professional Services: get the opportunity to acquire new clients and develop their business Digital Platform.

> Monetize your intellectual properties: your code is valuable, and as a Partner, you can monetize it as an Intellectual Properties.

> Promote & Resell: grow your revenues and expand your market presence by introducing the best tech on the market to new customers.

“We chose Mia-Platform as it represents a unique solution on the market, able to be the central element in the architecture design to ensure better governance for our client’s projects.”

Alessandro Caso
Chief Digital Officer & Partner @ Intesys

Jump to the next level and increase your benefits!

The Partner Program is structured on levels: with the rise of the value that you generate, you will gain increasing benefits and a tighter relationship with Mia-Platform.

Level upgrades are related to the volume of value generated by the partner, and to the requirements of training and certifications on Mia-Platform’s solutions.


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