Kubernetes optimization - Mia-Platform and Akamas

Kubernetes optimization: Akamas and Mia-Platform join forces to support the optimization of K8s applications

Milan, November 7th 2022 – Akamas and Mia-Platform embark on a new partnership to better support customers in the development and optimization of Kubernetes applications.

Akamas, the autonomous optimization platform powered by AI, has officially joined the Mia-Platform Partner Network. The two tech companies join forces to provide holistic support for companies that aim at accelerating and optimizing the development of applications on Kubernetes. Thanks to the unique combination of Mia-Platform’s Self-Service Developer Portal and Akamas’ AI-powered Kubernetes optimization platform, companies will be able to deliver applications and services in a faster, safer and optimized way.

The Akamas solution has been designed to effectively support developers, performance engineers, and SRE teams in keeping complex, real-world applications such as cloud-native, Kubernetes microservices applications optimized both in real-time and with respect to any what-if scenarios.

We believe the integration of Akamas AI within Mia-Platform self-service developer portal will benefit developers and product teams, and further support their companies’ digital innovation initiatives at business speed, in the most cost effective way.

Luca Forni, CEO at Akamas

After the great cooperation with Mia-Platform during the beta program of our major version 3.0 we are pleased to consolidate our partnership with Mia-Platform. We can now offer the power of Akamas AI to support Mia-Platform users in keeping their Kubernetes applications rightsized and well-tuned with respect to their specific cost-efficiency goals and performance SLOs.

Giuseppe Nardiello, VP Product Management and Business Development at Akamas

Self-Service Developer Portals (or Internal Developer Portals) are single portals that collect in one place all available services and tools available within the company.

By providing enhanced visibility, traceability, auditability, and observability across the whole DevOps cycle, the Mia-Platform’s Self-Service Developer Portal helps DevOps teams to guarantee business continuity, security and DevOps evolution, while improving the collaboration with Dev Teams thanks to a better Developer Experience.

We are excited to unveil our partnership with Akamas to better support customers and tackle their challenge to optimize Kubernetes microservices applications. Thanks to the combined capabilities of Mia-Platform and Akamas, product teams can now deliver well-tuned and high-quality software while also improving productivity.

Francesco Soncini Sessa, Head of Strategic Alliances at Mia-Platform

About Akamas

Akamas is the AI-powered autonomous optimization solution that enables enterprises and online businesses to deliver unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience at minimum cost.

Built by veterans in performance engineering and data science, Akamas exploits advanced machine learning techniques to optimize hundreds of interdependent service configuration parameters while matching both technical and business goals.

Akamas customers include leading enterprise organizations in financial and online services. Akamas is a company of Moviri, a global software and professional services group.

Discover more: https://www.akamas.io/
Press contacts: info@akamas.io


Mia-Platform is the simplest tool to develop cloud native applications on Kubernetes.

The platform helps companies to industrialize and simplify software lifecycle by using APIs, microservices and real-time data, building event-driven architectures, and carrying out DevOps operations.

Its technological excellence is recognized worldwide by institutions such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Gartner, which has recently named Mia-Platform Cool Vendor in its 2021 report “Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies“, and has mentioned Mia-Platform in several report as a Sample Vendor in the Digital Integration Hub and Self-Service Developer Portal categories.

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