NeN chooses Mia-Platform to enhance its digital channels: transparency and real‑time consumption data to benefit customers and the environment

Milan, 23 February 2023 – Transparency in consumption, ease of use, and improved efficiency in managing electricity and gas supplies for the benefit of savings and the environment. These are the goals of the partnership between Mia-Platform, an Italian tech company, and NeN Energia – the first 100% digital and 100% green enertech in the Italian market, with more than 80 thousand subscriptions.

NeN has chosen cloud-native technology for its digital platform enhancement project. Thanks to this collaboration, users can benefit from a revolutionary way of using their consumption thanks to innovative supply management through all of NeN’s digital channels (app and website). With the implementation of the platform, it will be possible to monitor consumption in real time thanks to a higher quality of the available data, and speed up the input practices for new customers by reducing the time and cost of volutations related to switching from another operator.

The collaboration between NeN and Mia-Platform stems from an affinity of vision: in fact, these are two companies with a fast-paced approach typical of a startup and with the structure of a large organization, sharing a commitment to offering high-tech solutions to simplify the experience of companies and people, with a focus on reducing consumption and sustainability. The solution developed by Mia-Platform panders to NeN’s technical needs through the adoption of a scalable digital architecture capable of evolving rapidly and continuously over time, in accordance with business needs.

The digital platform provides a user-side integration layer (app and website) with all of NeN’s backend systems (CRM, IoT, operations and customer service) with the goal of optimizing data management and usability, improving user experience and proposing new offerings quickly and easily. For NeN, digitization and cutting-edge technologies are key to delivering on the promise of simplicity, speed, and transparency in customer services. With Mia-Platform, it is possible to further improve the ever-increasing expectations of people who choose enertech and evolve the IT architecture by making it more reliable, flexible and ready for new challenges.

Mia-Platform, included for the third year in a row within the Financial Times’ “FT 1000” ranking of the one thousand fastest growing companies in Europe, is used by more than 3 thousand developers working on scalable and fast technology solutions to accelerate the time-to-market of new projects.

In an increasingly open technology paradigm, innovation today is also collaboration comments. Having the chance to work together with innovative and market-recognized companies like NeN gives us the opportunity to enhance our offerings and our ability to support companies to deliver customized digital services more easily and quickly.

Federico Soncini Sessa, CEO at Mia-Platform

About NeN

NeN is the first Italian Enertech – i.e. a company that combines energy and technology to provide intuitive, transparent, and 100% digital energy services. NeN sells 100% green electricity under subscription, combining a solid organization (it is part of the A2A group) and an agile approach as a startup.

NeN’s mission is to radically transform the relationship and the experience that people normally have with their energy supplier. For this reason, the company has chosen to provide electricity and gas under subscription, with calculated monthly payments based on consumption, and with a fully digital service. NeN relies on clear words, intuitive design, and quick and precise customer care.

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About Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform is an Independent Software Vendor that has brought to market the world’s first end-to-end solution for building cloud-native digital platforms.

Its software suite provides a unique console that simplifies the development and management of modern cloud-native applications, based on APIs, microservices, Fast Data and DevOps, and helps companies build their digital platform incrementally.

Mia-Platform is one of the fastest-growing companies on the European scene, an internationally recognised technological excellence for two years of being ranked in the top 10 Italian tech companies in the Financial Times’ ‘FT 1,000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021’ ranking.

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