Orbyta and Mia-Platform launch a new partnership to accelerate the Digital Transformation of their clients

Milan, 23 February 2023Orbyta, a professional consulting and innovative IT solutions company, joins Mia‑Platform Partner Program, the Independent Software Vendor that has brought to market one of the world’s first solutions for end-to-end creation of cloud-native digital platforms.

The goal of the partnership is to support companies on their digital transformation journey by designing and implementing tailored IT solutions that address the most strategic digital challenges for client companies.

Partnering with Mia-Platform allows us to revolutionize the current approach to software development and accelerate ORBYTA’s growth by fostering its adaptability to the changing business environment. Among the many features I appreciate about Mia-Platform the one that strikes me most is the Service Catalog, which allows teams to focus only on the development of valuable services, encouraging the reuse of non-strategic components. A single control center for the software catalog makes it possible to improve systems governance and developer experience, enhance our talent, and, as a natural consequence, offer better services with rational costs.

Daniele Sabetta, Chief Technical Officer at Orbyta

Orbyta provides professional consulting services and innovative solutions ranging from the design and implementation of complex information systems to process management and governance, from corporate compliance services to the management of systems and networking services.

With 15 million in revenue and more than 100 clients, Orbyta has gained extensive experience in the Finance, Automotive, Industrial, Sports, Textile and Transportation sectors, creating tailor-made solutions for companies such as Allianz, Iveco, State Railways to name a few.

We are excited to start this new partnership with a reliable and innovative partner like Orbyta. This collaboration opens new innovation opportunities to support companies to overcome digital challenges and achieve their business goals, thanks to the winning combination of Orbyta’s expertise and Mia-Platform’s innovative technology solution.

Francesco Soncini Sessa, Head of Strategic Alliances at Mia-Platform

About Orbyta Technologies

The IT soul of the Orbyta Group, Orbyta Technologies is a company specializing in System Integration consulting and services. It fully expresses the group’s vision and mission through its strong propensity for innovation, systemic approach and continuous projection into the future, supporting enterprises, professionals and start-ups in their business development and growth processes. Orbyta Technologies operates cross-functionally in different functional areas by providing professional consulting and innovative solutions in the areas of design and implementation of complex information systems, process management and governance, and management of system and networking services.

Visit the website: technologies.orbyta.it
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About Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform is an Independent Software Vendor that has brought to market the world’s first end-to-end solution for building cloud-native digital platforms. Its software suite provides a unique console that simplifies the development and management of modern cloud-native applications, based on APIs, microservices, Fast Data and DevOps, and helps companies build their digital platform incrementally. Mia-Platform is one of the fastest-growing companies on the European scene, an internationally recognised technological excellence for two years of being ranked in the top 10 Italian tech companies in the Financial Times’ ‘FT 1,000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021’ ranking.

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