Prelios Joins Mia-Platform Partner Network

Prelios joins Mia-Platform Partner Network

13 July 2023 – Prelios, a leading Italian group in alternative asset management, credit servicing and specialized real estate services, joins the Partner Program of Mia-Platform, an Independent Software Vendor bringing to market the world’s first Digital Platform Builder for the creation of cloud-native digital platforms and applications.

As part of the partnership, Prelios’ innovative services are now available within Mia-Platform’s Marketplace, a catalog of ready-to-use (including some industry-specific), reusable and modular software components for building new digital services and applications with lower costs and delivery times.

The collaboration with Mia-Platform and Mia-FinTech represents for Prelios a first contribution to the creation of a cloud platform of services for financial institutions, which we think can lead to a significant transformation in the way service providers and client companies work together. Being able to publish a service also entailed a small internal transformation, from the point of view of both redesigning the way we use our services from a self-service perspective and strengthening the entire development and operations factory. Satisfied with the result, we look forward to gathering feedback from the community and then proceeding with the release of other services.

Mauro Cavagna, Chief Technology & Processes Officer of the Prelios Group and CEO of Prelios Valuations

In particular, customers of Mia-Platform and Mia-FinTech will be able to access the Prelios Group’s pREmium valuation system, the AVM (Automated Valuation Model) for real estate, which supports the entire credit process – for both performing and impaired loans – allowing individual real estate units to be valued as entire real estate portfolios through a statistical approach.

Drawing on Prelios Group databases and external sources, pREmium valuation also performs an accurate analysis of the territory in which the real estate units under examination are located, returning their value.

Thanks to our complementary skills and synergetic approach, we are ready to develop together with Prelios innovative solutions that optimize performance, mitigate risks and generate sustainable long-term value for our clients. By combining market knowledge and excellent technological solutions, we are able to create a smooth and simple user experience that allows clients to create new digital services and products with reduced time and costs.

Bruno Natoli, CEO at Mia-FinTech

About Prelios

Prelios is one of the leading groups active in Italy and Europe in alternative asset management, credit servicing and integrated real estate services, with over EUR 40 billion in complex assets under management. It is an independent platform with a track record of more than 30 years.

The uniqueness achieved in offering Prelios services to Real Estate covers all the needs and requirements of Banks, Institutional Investors, Italian and international Investment Funds and private clients, related to the entire life cycle of the sector: management of NPEs, NPLs and UTPs, asset management, investment management, due diligence, real estate advisory, valuations of real estate units and assets, building and project management, property management, real estate brokerage, management of real estate investment funds.

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About Mia-FinTech

Mia-FinTech is the fintech startup based on the experience acquired by Mia-Platform, the leading Italian tech company that has revolutionized the end-to-end creation of digital platforms, in the banking and financial industries.

Its cloud native platform enables financial institutions to develop and create new digital services in a fast and scalable way, and to evolve towards Open Finance thanks to API, microservices and Fast Data, in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

With the claim “Evolve your Bank in a modern FinTech company”, Mia-FinTech fills the gap between traditional banks and modern omnichannel digital banks.

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