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Sustainability: Mia‑Platform commits to protecting bees by adopting a hive with 3Bee

May 20th 2022 – Mia‑Platform has been concerned about sustainability since its foundation in 2016. This year the Italian tech company adds another brick to its commitment for the environment.  

After the successful planting initiative in 2021, Mia‑Platform decided to contribute to a project for the protection of bees, aiming at raising awareness about their importance both inside and outside the company.

For this initiative Mia‑Platform has chosen 3Bee as a partner, as it shares the same strong technological vocation. In fact, eBee is a startup founded in 2017 with the goal to protect bees with technology, thanks to an advanced monitoring system that allows to gather information about bees’ vital parameters such as weight, internal and external temperature, humidity, and sound intensity.

The sustainability project

Mia‑Platform has joined 3Bee’s “Pollinate the Planet” project, that allows for each beehive to protect 300.000 bees, to impollinate 300 millions flowers, and to produce 150kg of honey in one year.

In the World Bee Day on May, 20th it is very important for us to share knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of bees and of their protection. Bees are responsible for the 80% of the food that we eat everyday, and they are at the center of the fight for preserving biodiversity and nature.

Chiara Muzzolon, Internal Communication & Sustainability Manager at Mia‑Platform

Today Mia‑Platform launches this initiative for the protection of bees, aiming at raising awareness externally while engaging its people.

That’s why Mia‑Platform’s people were involved in the choice of the beehive to adopt. Anyone in the company could suggest farms or beekeepers that fulfilled specific criterias.

Thanks to a suggestion coming from one of Mia‑Platform’s employees, the Agricultural Company La Bevera was chosen, and had the opportunity to install the innovative 3Bee technology to start the project.

Not only: within the end of summer all the people working at Mia‑Platform will receive a jar of honey made by the adopted farm.

The adopted beehive can be monitored directly at this link, and is updated with photos and news directly from the farm.


3Bee is the agri-tech startup founded in 2017 by Niccolò Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti to protect bees and ensure a higher quality of life. The startup developer HiveTech, a 4.0 beehive that consists in a network of IoT sensors that are placed inside the beehive to monitor the wellbeing of the bees. This reduces the treatments and visits in the beehive from beekeepers.

From its foundation, 3Bee has developed a network of 3.000 beekeepers across Italy, where it installed its sensors, and gave birth to the initiatine “Adopt a Beehive” for private people and enterprises.

Discover more on 3Bee website.


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Mia‑Platform is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Italy and Europe, and has been recognized both nationally and internationally, placing 8th place in the Italian ranking “Leader della Crescita” of the Sole 24 Ore and 66th European place (2nd among Italian techs) in the “FT 1.000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021 “.

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