Mia-Platform v7.0: PaaS is here for your Cloud-Native applications

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16 February 2021

Developments have continued and we have released Mia-Platform v12! Click on the banner below to find out the latest developments.

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Mia‑Platform v7.0 is out now: Kubernetes made easy for everyone!

With the PaaS distribution of Mia‑Platform v7.0, you can now access an end-to-end development platform in the cloud and easily build modern applications, without worrying about YAML files, manual scripts, complex configurations, and service orchestration.

Focus on your business logic and let Mia‑Platform take care of the rest. Take advantage of the best technologies that the platform offers: Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Kafka, Prometheus, Kibana, Istio, and many more. The best open-source softwares on the market are available all in one place, just a click away, already configured to work together in harmony and efficiently.

Mia‑Platform v7.0 drastically reduces the set-up and development time of each digital product: it helps you to simplify, automate and industrialize processes and have clear and transparent governance of your applications.

With the introduction of the new Fast Data section in Mia‑Platform Console, you can build even more complete event architectures on Mia‑Platform, using event sourcing, stream processing, change capture, CQRS, and Saga patterns.

We have been working on these technologies every day since 2015, on hundreds of projects in production at an enterprise level, and we are well aware of the complexity behind them. It is with this in mind that we designed Mia‑Platform v7.0: with the aim of providing the best developer experience possible in a cloud-native context.

Let’s see the news!

For further technical information, you can read the Release note and the Documentation.

Platform as a Service Distribution

With Mia‑Platform v7.0 we have radically improved the development experience on our PaaS distribution, a cloud runtime environment on which you can create applications by leveraging all the resources offered by the platform. With Mia‑Platform PaaS, you can manage the entire software’s lifecycle from a single point: development, versioning, testing, release, management, monitoring, documentation, and updating.

Mia‑Platform’s PaaS offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Ease of use: access all the best open-source tools on the market directly from Mia‑Platform Console, with a clear and unified interface to easily manage each phase of the code lifecycle, even with distributed and remote project teams;
  • Reliability: the PaaS provides a complete ecosystem of managed services, automatically updated and monitored 24/7, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.5% *;
  • Scalability: define replicas, CPU thresholds, and all parameters for better scalability in a few clicks. The platform ensures stability and performance, so you can maximize the use of resources and reduce costs;
  • Cost predictability: avoid indirect or unplanned costs associated with the management of the platform and its tools (Kubernetes, Cloud Provider, Storage, Servers, etc.);
  • Acceleration: configure your environments in a few clicks, take advantage of Mia‑Platform’s pipelines and start immediately to develop your business logic, reducing project set-up, development, and production times;
  • Security and compliance: the platform is configured to facilitate security and compliance by design on all projects, according to international reference standards and best practices for development in a cloud-native environment;
  • Zero lock-in: our approach is strongly Git-centric so you can always have full ownership of all the code you develop with Mia‑Platform and you can decide at any time to take it elsewhere and redeploy it. We really hope it won’t happen! 🙂

* guaranteed minimum level. Additional SLAs are available with higher licensing levels.

Mia‑Platform PaaS is currently available on AWS and Google Cloud Platform, and will soon be available on all major cloud vendors.


In addition, with Mia‑Platform you can build a multitenant architecture: distribute your projects on different tenants and manage everything from one single point with Mia‑Platform Console. In this way, you can have a clear and defined separation of your projects, you can personalize configurations and security levels and make different teams work independently but with the same developer experience. 


Manage Fast Data from the Console

Mia‑Platform v7.0 directly integrates Mia‑Platform Fast Data suite. This allows you to quickly create your event-driven architecture based on data streams, offload systems, and improve information availability: your data will be always updated and available 24/7 for all your channels.

Today you can configure your data ingestion services in an automatic and standardized way, directly from the Console, without having to write any configuration file!

With the new Fast Data section on the Console, it is even easier to create your Digital Integration Hub: take advantage of the platform ecosystem to integrate your IT systems. From the Console, it is now possible to import data from different sources into one place smoothly.

You can census systems, create a detailed copy of the tables in new, high-performance, low-latency databases, and automatically unify the format of your data quickly and easily.
Organize data and create unique views according to business logic; expose them via APIs to all channels to have data updated 24/7.

Furthermore, for our Fast Data suite, we enable multi-region applications architecture. You can choose where to place your servers depending on your needs: distribute your systems in different geographical areas to ensure service availability even in the event of major outages.


We have always supported our customers in the management of Security and Compliance Operations thanks to tested solutions, experience, and innovative technologies. To give applications, machines, and users different levels of security, we have developed microservices such as Auth0 Client, Authorization Service, and Authentication Service.

To enhance M2M authentication services, Mia‑Platform v7.0 presents the new Client Credentials service, which interacts with the Authorization Service and allows you to manage the permissions and authorization of your clients with two different levels of security.

You can use a Client-Id and Client-Secret pair to associate permissions to the client and authorize calls; or you can increase the security level of your machines with the private_key_jwt technology: client requests are identified and authorized through a public key system and the Client-Secret is never shared.

Enhance your applications’ security with Client Credentials!




We keep enriching Mia‑Platform Marketplace with great news and services.

With Mia‑Platform v7.0 we have introduced the documentation of all plugins, examples, and templates directly in the Marketplace, to allow you to quickly create your microservices: just set up the environment variables and create the endpoints to give life to your microservice.

Furthermore, directly from the Console, you can manage and customize the secrets and ConfigMaps for each microservice.

You can enrich and customize your work more and more every day: from the CMS you can configure predefined variables regarding CPU, memory limits, service activity and availability, log parser, and documentation path.

Discover all the services available on the Marketplace!


Developer Experience Improvements

In recent months we have worked also to improve the user experience of Mia‑Platform as a whole: we constantly value feedback from customers, partners, and all the people who work with us every day from different areas.

Using the Console has never been easier: the new menus and icons help you move more quickly among the sections and immediately find what you are looking for. The updated and enriched dashboards help you organize all the information you need and monitor the progress of your projects.

Mia‑Platform v7.0 also introduces Algolia to improve research in the documentation: Artificial Intelligence suggests the relevant results to your search and it allows you to find the information you need more quickly.



A new section of the documentation presents new video tutorials that will help you develop your projects faster with Mia‑Platform tools.
Go to the tutorial section and find out how to create a CRUD microservice in less than 5 minutes!

Mia‑Platform Academy presents new and increasingly challenging courses at various levels. You will be able to measure yourself with exams on .net, java, and node.js. 

Become a certified Mia‑Platform Dev Professional!

For more information do not hesitate to contact us at helloworld@mia-platform.eu.


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