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07 October 2021

Developments have continued and we have released Mia-Platform v12! Click on the banner below to find out the latest developments.

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Mia‑Platform v8.0 is released today: the new version of the platform has improved in many aspects, focusing on the goals of further simplifying the development experience and making the use of microservices, Kubernetes, APIs, and event-driven architectures accessible to everybody.

If you want to learn more about all these topics, read the news or go to the documentation.

Flow Manager Visualizer

We created the Flow Manager Visualizer to simplify your Saga Pattern management and orchestrate your business logics in a distributed flow.
With the Flow Manager you could already simply orchestrate your sagas, now with the Flow Manager Visualizer you can see your configuration straightforwardly and intuitively.


The new interface allows you to follow the flow of states, to view which commands are activated, to see the triggered events and any remediation process.
Colors help you categorize states according to their type, and the highlight mode allows you to focus on a specific path, so you can follow the data flow more easily.

The Flow Manager Visualizer will soon be an editing tool, with which you will be able to compose your data flows in a simple, practical and low-code way. Discover more by reading the documentation.

Applications Catalogue

From today, in addition to the examples, templates and plugins, you will find a new type of microservice in the Marketplace called “Applications”.
Applications are bundles of services that allow you to quickly configure a group of resources.

Thanks to a guided procedure, you can install an entire package of resources in a few clicks to respond to specific business needs faster. If the Application expects the configuration of a service that is already present in your project, you can link it, without setting up new configurations. 

You can find the Applications available in the Marketplace by filtering for typology of components.

CRUD encryption

For your needs of compliance with GDPR regulations, we have introduced new functionalities in Mia-Platform Console.

Now, the CRUD service automatically assigns the sensitivity level unclassified to your data, specifically to each field of your collection. By manually modifying the level of sensitivity you can implement security controls according to the sensitivity level.
The functionality Client-side Encryption allows you to encode a specific portion of your data to become hidden or inaccessible for unauthorized users.

Runtime Area

The Runtime area of Mia‑Platform Console allows you to monitor your pods, cluster status, storage consumption, and communication among services to anticipate problems and bottlenecks.

The new interface offers a comprehensive view about all the pods’ information available: which containers are present, their status and resource consumption. There is a section dedicated to cronjobs and deployments so you can get more details and better manage the status of your applications.
Go to documentation.


Smart Deploy 

The Smart Deploy functionality brings Kubernetes distribution strategies on Mia‑Platform, in order to guarantee performance and security.
From the Deploy section, click on the Smart Deploy button and update your services intelligently, releasing only the pods that have undergone changes.
The pods that have been modified are replicated, to prevent any disruption.

With the Smart Deploy mode disabled, you can release all the services.
In large projects this could cause spikes in resource consumption and longer times.However, it can be helpful in ensuring a new and clean deployment environment.


Mia‑Craft helps you to get a graphic overview of the architecture of your project, useful to reproduce the conceptual flow of your application.

Starting from the project configurations, Mia‑Craft creates an initial view of the project, showing the present microservices, the connections between the Client and the API Gateway (if present) and the connection between the CMS Site and the API Gateway (if both of them present in the configuration file).

By manually hooking up the different services, you can graphically view how they communicate with each other and change the position of the same within the view. By clicking on each service, you can immediately access its configuration.

Go to our documentation and discover all the main features of Mia‑Craft. Once saved, the visualization will be available in the project repository.

Multi‑Git Provider

From today, we support a multi‑Git provider approach to make the access to Mia‑Platform Console simpler and more practical.
With Mia-Platform v8.0 you can configure multiple Git providers and allow users to choose which one to use to access all tools of Mia-Platform Console with just one click.


Mia‑Backoffice is here! The new headless CMS is easier to maintain, test, and scale thanks to the integration with Mia‑Platform Console.

The frontend architecture offers greater flexibility, allowing the integration of custom frontends. The interface can be personalized with colors and logos of your brand, and gives you a complete and versatile tool.

Mia‑Backoffice is the ideal tool for business: you can manage your contents in a few clicks, share them safely thanks to APIs, and visualize dashboards and analytics.

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal is an essential tool, because it allows you to improve the development experience of your Devs and create live and testable APIs documentation.

Mia-Platform_Dev Portal

With Mia‑Platform v8.0 you can build a performing and complete Developer Portal: an actual enterprise portal to transform your APIs into monetizable assets, enabling the integration with third parties. 
Accelerate your and your partners’ innovation with an enterprise portal full of new technologies!

A new User Experience

The development experience of the people who work with Mia‑Platform Console has always been very important to us. With this new release, we have included some improvements that make the user experience even easier and more enjoyable.

The workspace got bigger and the browsing experience has improved: the menus have been reorganized to allow you to focus on developing your applications. By selecting the areas you use most frequently, you can add them to your favorites and always have them available in the topbar.

Open Mia‑Platform Console and discover the new navigation!



micro-lc is Mia‑Platform’ first open‑source component. It comes from the experience of the last several years of using micro fronted for the development of Mia‑Platform Console, Mia‑Backoffice, and other projects. 

micro‑lc is Mia‑Platform’s solution for creating flexible and multi-tenant frontend applications. The micro frontend orchestrator simplifies frontend management and speeds up the time-to-market of new projects.

micro‑lc is integrated during the Runtime phase: it does not require you to release all the elements at each modification. Even though the main components are written in React and Typescript, micro-lc easily integrates with any technology!

The project is available on GitHub: this means that anyone who is part of the community can give feedback and contribute to the evolution of the product.
Discover the project!



kube‑green is an open-source project developed and forked with Mia‑Platform by Davide Bianchi, Senior Technical Leader. The project is available on Mia‑Platform and has the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of Cloud-Native applications, by turning off unused pods and optimizing consumption.
You can find the project on GitHub!


This release is a step forward for the simplification process of using microservices, Kubernetes, APIs, and event-driven architectures. But we won’t stop here!

The R&D team works everyday to realize new functionalities and improve the experience of using Mia‑Platform, also thanks to the feedback and suggestions received by those who use the product daily. 

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