Concrete Investing chooses Mia-Platform to optimize its real estate equity crowdfunding fintech platform

The fintech company Concrete Investing has chosen Mia-Platform to improve and enhance its real estate equity crowdfunding platform with a microservice architecture and a Content Management System (CMS) based on micro front-ends. The solution responded to a strong increase in business, traffic and investment requests managed through this channel at a European level. Moreover, Mia-Platform’s offering enabled to comply with the new requirements imposed by the EU legislation.

Mia-Platform Back Office, the headless, customizable and ready-to-use CMS based on micro front-end, provided the required flexibility to evolve Concrete Investing’s platform and meet its business growth. At the same time, it ensured a better User Experience, the compliance with the new European regulation on Crowdfunding as well as with the future regulatory updates to expand into new markets.

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Main Benefits

Release time and costs reduction

Release time and costs reduction

Optimized management of traffic and requests through the website

Optimized management of traffic and requests through the website

Greater evolvability and flexibility of the corporate website

Greater evolvability and flexibility of the corporate website

Compliance with new EU regulations

Compliance with new EU regulations

The Goal

Concrete Investing needed to optimize its corporate website for the following purposes:

  • Improve the flexibility and performance of the website, to manage at best the increase in traffic and requests received from its community;
  • Evolve the website in order to be compliant with the new EU regulations on Crowdfunding, published on October 20th 2020 and effective as of November 2023;
  • Optimize the User Experience, which used to compromise the fluidity of requests sent through the website and the investment monitoring by the investors;
  • Integrate a Back Office tool to simplify the management of internal processes and the external communication with the investors;

About Concrete Investing

Concrete Investing is the Italian platform for investments in premium-level real estate projects. Since 2018 it has raised 46 million euros for selected real estate transactions in Milan and in other prime locations such as Sardinia and Bergamo.

The company offers to private and professional investors:

  • High-level investment opportunities, usually inaccessible to non-professional investors;
  • Risk protection and mitigation tools such as the tag-along right, the preferential settlement and the put option;
  • Constant information at every stage of the investment project with dedicated communications and updates, from the initial investment analysis to the final settlement.

The project

Concrete Investing needed to improve the flexibility of its real estate crowdfunding platform to support its growing business. The company wanted to have a more efficient management of its current and potential customers while guaranteeing compliance with the new EU regulation on crowdfunding.

In the starting stages of the project, Mia-Platform team conducted an assessment analysis with envisioning workshops to analyze the client’s existing architecture, map its business needs and define common goals.

After conducting a series of in-depth customer journey analysis, a consistent UX/UI was defined to best meet the needs and wants of the investor community.

The collaboration between Mia-Platform and Concrete Investing was based on a continuous feedback process in order to create a product in line with the client’s expectations both in terms of technology and functioning.

Thanks to the ready-to-use microservices available in Mia-Platform Marketplace, the architecture of the crowdfunding platform was redefined with a composable perspective. The solution was developed with an incremental approach and resulted in a significant acceleration of the time-to-market, a seamless customer experience and an adequate compliance to the new regulation.

In particular, thanks to Mia-Platform Back Office, Concrete Investing was able to create and customize its own back office tool for both business and technical figures. The solution allowed to greatly improve the management of investment orders coming from the community of investors. Managing important flows of investment requests has become quick and easy thanks to a single interface that is simple to use and adaptable to the context of real estate equity crowdfunding.


The solution:
Mia-Platform Back Office

Mia-Platform Back Office is a fully customizable and easy-to-use headless CMS designed for daily use by non-technical teams.

In this case, Mia-Platform Back Office has been used both as a CMS for the configuration of specific elements of the website and as a system for managing the order requests daily coming from the corporate website.

Mia-Platform Back Office is based on a micro front-end architecture and has been developed with the open source technology provided by micro-lc, Mia-Platform’s micro front-end orchestrator.

Mia-Platform Back Office enables to:

  • Easily and intuitively manage digital content;
  • Upload all content from a single interface;
  • Edit texts, images and videos on all devices in just a few clicks;
  • Customize the CMS and the Dashboards for specific needs;
  • Verify accesses and permissions based on the user category.


Concrete Investing obtained many relevant results by relying on Mia-Platform:

Significant reduction in time and costs for the entire project

Significant reduction in time and costs for the entire project

Greater flexibility of the corporate website and its features, including possible future evolutions;

Greater flexibility of the corporate website and its features, including possible future evolutions

Optimization of traffic management and investment requests coming from the website;

Optimization of traffic management and investment requests coming from the website

Compliance with the new European regulation on crowdfunding.

Compliance with the new European regulation on crowdfunding

“The partnership with Mia-Platform has allowed us to optimize our equity crowdfunding platform and to rely on a flexible, evolutionary and scalable technology that supports us in expanding our business across Europe and beyond”.

Lorenzo Pedotti, CEO at Concrete Investing

“With our new platform, we offer our customers an improved browsing and investment portfolio monitoring experience. We have also strengthened the communication assets in favor of our target investors, ranging from less experienced to professional individuals.”

Luca Cancellara, CMO at Concrete Investing

Concrete Investing chooses these microservices to accelerate its development



SES Mail Notification Service

Send custom email using an Amazon SES.

Supported by

SMS service


SMS Service

Send SMS through Twilio API

Supported by

Form Service


Form Service

Build and manage custom forms.

Supported by



Auth0 Client

Integrate with your Auth0 tenant using Mia-Platform core service Auth0 Client.

Supported by



File Service

Upload, download and handle your files using MongoDB, S3 or Google Storage.

Supported by

User Manager Service


User Manager Service

The User Manager Service combines the Authentication Service (e.g. Auth0 Client) and the CRUD into a unique service for user management.

Supported by



PDF Service

This plugin provides a simple way for generating PDF files from a starting HTML template.

Supported by



Temporary Password Generator

Generates Temporary-Passwords associated with arbitrary data payload to be later consumed.

Supported by

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