The Digital Integration Hub for insurance transformation

In an omnichannel world, where customer needs are constantly evolving, Helvetia Assicurazioni has chosen Mia-Platform as the partner for its digital transformation aimed to offer increasingly customized, agile, and scalable products and services.

Industry: Insurance

Benefits Generated


Release processes have become much leaner and more efficient, with a 40% reduction in time-to-market.


The adoption of the DIH has enabled the delivery in production of two projects in less than a year - Simple Helvetia and New My Helvetia - and has simplified the integration processes with the other Group companies.

DIH to Create Value

The new platform, thanks to the API layer, allows you to quickly and easily integrate new internal and external channels into the company, expanding the scope of Helvetia Assicurazioni's activities.

A Modern User Experience

A simple and reactive omnichannel UX was implemented to respond to market requests in a timely manner. A system is capable of managing the load of +4 million Single Customer Views with information request times per user under 65 milliseconds, ensuring 24/7 availability.

Who is Helvetia Assicurazioni?

Helvetia Assicurazioni has been operating in Italy since 1948 when the Swiss parent company decided to open on the Italian market. It is present on the territory through various distribution channels – agency network, bank branches, and affinity groups – and it offers insurance solutions to meet the different security needs of more than 4 million customers who have now placed their trust in Helvetia Italia.

“Semplice, chiaro, Helvetia”
Helvetia Assicurazioni aims to make the insurance world increasingly accessible and understandable, focusing on new methods, innovation, and a user-centered approach.

The Goals

The goals were transforming and improving development and release processes, achieving rapid systems integration to meet market needs, open new digital channels, and establish business models and commercial partnerships.

Another purpose was offering a simple and responsive omnichannel UX for 4 million customers. In the end, Helvetia Assicurazioni aimed to implement a Digital Integration Hub able to simplify and speed up the release of new insurance products and services.

helvetia case 2

Analysis, Design, and Implementation

Starting from a careful and in-depth analysis of the company’s digitalization 20.20 strategy, we organized envisioning workshops to define the steps and identify the related touchpoints in order to determine the scheme of the new architecture.

The analysis revealed the need to create a modern, flexible, and scalable IT architecture. Helvetia Assicurazioni has found in the Digital Integration Hub the ideal solution to support and implement customer experience and digital transformation initiatives. An API layer supports bidirectional synchronization among different application systems.

Synergistically, an ecosystem of microservices developed according to business logic allows data to be aggregated and organized in Single Customer View, immediately available to all channels. The adoption of an event-driven integration layer and Mia-Platform Fast Data completes the design, guaranteeing the independence of the management systems – decreasing their workload – and exposing data in real-time.

Thanks to the Digital Integration Hub, Helvetia Assicurazioni has begun to gradually integrate the different touchpoints and front-ends, improving the user experience and lightening the workloads of the systems at the same time.

Mia-Platform DIH Insurance

Support and Scalability

We have structured an Academy program to accompany Helvetia Assicurazioni teams both through technical training and the empowerment of people, introducing Agile methods and DevOps practices. The educational experience was essential to trigger a cultural change within Helvetia Assicurazioni: the adoption of a new approach has strengthened cooperation among all company functions, increasing the synergy between business and IT.

Thanks to the Digital Integration Hub (DIH), Helvetia Assicurazioni was able to create its own platform to continue on the digital evolution path, extending its offer portfolio and integrating third party services.

helvetia case 1

“[…] Information systems are often designed with a functional purpose and they don’t facilitate the user’s unified omnichannel view. However, thanks to modern architectural patterns based on Fast Data, Microservices, and API, this is now more easily reachable. […] In this context, Mia-Platform built the Digital Integration Hub architecture capable of effectively serving every channel”.

Edoardo Ponte, CIO @ Gruppo Helvetia Italia

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