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Mia-FinTech and InfoCert develop a solution for multi-country recognition for Digital Lending

The client, the finance division of one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and provider of innovative mobility solutions, chose Mia-FinTech and InfoCert to optimize the recognition process of users accessing its Digital Lending service, which is available in several European countries.

Specifically, the client’s need was to integrate easily and effectively with the different digital identity certification providers involved in the process in each country, while complying with national regulations. In just 2 months, Mia-FinTech and InfoCert developed a solution that simplifies and standardizes the user recognition process, in perfect compliance with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Directive in each country.

Industry: Fintech & Banking

Main Benefits

Riduzione costo e tempo

Reduced costs and time for development and integration with multiple digital identity certification providers.

Flessibilità e scalabilità

Flexibility, composability, and evolvability of the solution.


Rapid go-to-market thanks to ready-to-use fintech accelerators.


Full compliance with European credit regulations.

The goal

The client company needed to create a process for managing user recognition within its Digital Lending service, available in several European countries. The complexity of the process was generated by the need to:

  • interact with multiple partners and providers in different countries;
  • standardize incoming data from different providers to achieve a standard and easily scalable process, reducing variability in the processes of the underlying providers.

Key figures

The project, scheduled to last 18 months, was divided into four different phases to cover 13 different countries: France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, UK, and Poland.

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The Digital Lending solution

The recognition solution created by Mia-FinTech and InfoCert simplifies the recognition process for accessing the Digital Lending service and ensures full compliance with the regulations existing in each European country, improving collaboration with the different digital identity certification providers involved.

In particular, the solution reduces the complexity of API calls to the providers required for user recognition in a specific country, and provides a unified and standardized result of the recognition processes managed in different countries.

Full compliance with European credit regulations

Thanks to a team dedicated to the study of international and local compliance, InfoCert was able to support the development of specific approaches for each country included in the project: from the automatic identification process developed for the French market, to German video recognition; from the use of “itsme,” a Belgian digital identity scheme notified under the eIDAS regulation, to the Dutch process involving the use of “iDIN,” a digital identity developed by banks.

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Development and integration costs and time

Mia-Platform Console allows development to start very quickly, with reduced time for initial configuration and setting. In addition, the replicability of the solution makes it possible to speed up the process of integrating and onboarding of new partners in multiple countries. In fact, the off-the-shelf accelerators within the Mia‑Platform Marketplace have made it possible to significantly reduce release time and costs, enabling the client company to accelerate the go-to-market of the new Digital Lending service.

Flexibility, Composability
and Evolvability

Mia-Platform Marketplace is a catalog of ready-to-use software components that meet industry-specific business needs. Its components can be quickly combined, assembled and reused to develop different business applications, without compromising system stability and optimizing the use of resources.

It enabled the client’s teams to accelerate developments and market release, while ensuring maximum flexibility and evolvability of the solution to be able to meet future needs (such as, for example, regulatory updates or integration of new partners).



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The project

The project started in May 2022. After only 2 months, the first production of the recognition solution specifically for France was started. Subsequently, the project was also extended to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, with the prospect of involving other European countries.

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