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Mia-Platform and Henshin Group (MOVENS) together to build a modern, modular Mobility Digital Platform

Milan, July 6, 2023 – Mia-Platform, an Independent Software Vendor bringing to market one of the world’s first Digital Platform Builders for the creation of cloud-native digital platforms and applications, launches a partnership with Henshin Group, the tech company that developed MOVENS, the open-source ecosystem for the Mobility and Energy sectors.

The aim of the collaboration is to enable the construction of a modern and modular Mobility Digital Platform and accelerate the technological convergence in the Mobility, Energy and Building industries.

Data is the greatest resource for any commercial, scientific or cultural enterprise, or – in the words of British data scientist and mathematician Clive Humby – ‘the new oil’ of the present and the future. Data are therefore at the center of regulatory developments concerning the acquisition, ownership and economic rules of the data themselves. Data integration is a particularly complex process as it involves a number of critical issues such as data quality and governance, and potential security risks.

MOVENS technology overcomes these challenges by harmonizing the collected data and facilitating the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions for the most advanced predictive analysis. We are extremely pleased to have entered into this partnership with Mia-Platform and to extend our international partner ecosystem, thus enabling Mia-Platform’s customers to create new business models and verticals based on standardized data with disruptive time-to-market.

Giuseppe Surace, CBDO of Henshin Group

On the one hand, MOVENS provides out-of-the-box components that allow integrating different data sources (e.g. IoT systems, applications, platforms), standardizing the collected data and managing them via dedicated front ends. On the other hand, Mia-Platform makes it possible to manage the entire software lifecycle, orchestrating the MOVENS components and extending them according to customized, customer-defined business logic.

In addition, thanks to Mia-Platform Fast Data, a set of ready-to-use microservices that optimizes data management and interoperability, and provides the company with data updated in real time 24/7, it is possible to aggregate the data integrated by MOVENS with those coming from the various internal management systems to obtain unique views.

Thanks to the synergy between MOVENS and Mia-Platform, companies in the Mobility, Energy and Building sectors have a ready-to-use and fully managed Integration Hub, where developers can focus on writing custom business logic without having to deal with the complexities of native cloud components.

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with the Henshin Group (creator of MOVENS), which will enable us to offer innovative and scalable technology solutions to meet the challenges of the future in the Mobility, Energy and Building sectors. This collaboration combines two internationally recognised technological excellences to create an unprecedented innovation environment that will foster the transition to a more sustainable future for these sectors.

Edoardo Bevilacqua, Area Manager Mobility & Energy at Mia-Platform


Henshin Group is the tech company that created and developed MOVENS, the next-generation open-source meta-platform designed to be the multilayer data collection for the integration of all user-centric services, both southbound and northbound

MOVENS technology functions as an Integration Hub that allows any type of IoT system, application and platform to be connected, combine data from multiple sources in real time, interact with connected entities and develop data-driven verticals. Its microservices architecture enables the integration of all layers involved in the Smart City ecosystem and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies for each layer.

MOVENS is highly flexible and can be configured to adapt to different ecosystems, providing a simple and unified experience for users. With its advanced architecture and user-centric design, MOVENS is revolutionising the world of digital integration.

MOVENS technology is continuously evolving according to global standards progressively defined by two major consortia in which Henshin Group is a partner, MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) and EBA (European Battery Alliance).

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About Mia-Platform

Mia-Platform is the Independent Software Vendor that has brought to market the world’s first end-to-end solution for building cloud-native digital platforms.

Mia-Platform provides a Digital Platform Builder that supports companies in building cloud-native digital platforms and applications quickly and easily with DevOps, APIs, microservices and Fast Data.

Mia-Platform Fast Data is a set of ready-to-use microservices that optimizes data management and interoperability, and makes real-time data available to the enterprise 24/7.  The solution allows you to create your own Digital Integration Hub, building an event-driven architecture through a data management layer that decouples Systems of Records from external channels, avoiding SOR overload and ensuring better service performance.

Mia-Platform is one of the fastest growing companies on the European scene, a technological excellence recognised internationally four years in a row in the Financial Times “FT 1,000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” ranking.

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