Photocert joins Mia-Platform Partner Program

Photocert’s powered-by-AI media authentication technology for Insurance is now available within Mia-Platform Marketplace

Milan, September 20th 2022 – PhotoCert has added its proprietary media authentication technology to automate visual inspections within Mia-Platform Marketplace. By using AI to extract reliable information from images, Photocert’s technology helps insurers to automate claim and underwriting processes while protecting them from fraud. 

Mia-Platform enriches its offer for the Insurance industry and welcomes Photocert into Mia-Platform Partner Program. This collaboration aims to provide easy access to Photocert’s media authentication technology to all Mia-Platform’s customers and partners.

More and more insurers are automating processes relying on visual information; meanwhile, technological advances have made creating fake photos more effortless than ever before.

Using best-in-class technologies to guarantee data integrity, Photocert helps insurance companies automate processes while preventing fraud and enhancing the customer’s journey.

Photocert strives to automate inspection processes using AI while authenticating visual media data making the process as reliable and trustworthy as possible. Thanks to our innovative integration, Mia-Platform will have the possibility to drastically reduce fraud and provide its clients with more efficient and user-friendly workflows. At the same time, Photocert can rely on a new important partner that can deliver end-to-end processes in this new “Embedded” world

Pasquale Saviano, CEO at Photocert

Photocert provides Insurance, Financial Services, Transportation, Logistic, and any other industry relying on Inspection Processes that depend on visual data with the following services:

  • Artificial intelligence is applied to images to automate processes, including, but not limited to, damage detection and estimation for content insurance (household objects) and property insurance (e.g. water leak damage).
  • Proprietary image authentication is used for advanced fraud prevention (e.g. to determine the authenticity of a picture of a dented car).
  • Enhanced customer experience for claims and underwriting with customized white label apps/web apps.

Mia-Platform’s mission is to support Insurance companies seizing the benefits of Embedded Insurance instantly and reducing the time to market new digital services. Therefore, we keep on enriching our Marketplace with easily customizable features, ready‑to‑use connectors, and specialized microservices for the insurance industry that can accelerate application development. We are happy to welcome Photocert’s top-class technology for media authentication in our offer, and we are looking forward to creating value for the Insurance industry, but not only in the immediate future.

Luigi Alicante, Insurance Senior Account at Mia-Platform

About Photocert

Photocert provides insurers with the tools to improve their customer experience by automating claim and underwriting processes while protecting them from fraud using proprietary media authentication technology. By using AI to extract as much information as possible from images, Photocert can automate and improve any process that relies on visual inspections. For example, text recognition to extract data from any written document, value estimation for most consumer products and augmented reality to measure distance. All the visual data is then authenticated, which enables clients to enjoy the benefits of process automation while avoiding the costs arising from potential fraud.

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About Mia-Platform

Mia‑Platform is the simplest tool to develop modern cloud native applications on Kubernetes.

The platform helps companies to industrialize and simplify software lifecycle by using APIs, microservices and real-time data, building event-driven architectures, and carrying out DevOps operations.

Its technological excellence is recognized worldwide by institutions such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Gartner, which has recently named Mia-Platform Cool Vendor in its 2021 report “Cool Vendors for Software Engineering Technologies”.

Mia‑Platform is a founding member of the Open & Embedded Insurance Observatory, and has been advocating since its founding for the key role of cloud‑native technologies in the adoption of Open and Embedded Insurance. With several years of experience in the field, Mia-Platform is supporting Cattolica Assicurazioni, Helvetia Assicurazioni and many other insurers to embrace Open Innovation and Digital Transformation.

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